Natural Being – A few questions and their answers


Manuka category


In the process of working with and using the cosmetic products Natural Being there are always new questions coming about. Here are the manufacturer’s answers to some of them:

Question: It is usually an accepted fact that a person cannot get attached or “addicted” to a particular cosmetic brand. Is it possible, however, for a person to be “predisposed” towards using the Natural Being cosmetics? Explanation: A Russian company offers a cream called “Oxygen Skin Care”. The consumers of this cream claim that if one were to stop using it the skin returns to its previous state – wrinkle marks, fatigued skin, etc. In this way people become dependent on that cosmetic and have to constantly use it.

Answer: In order for the skin to get accustomed to a new cosmetic product it needs about 3-4 weeks. If, however, one continues using an exfoliant and making a mask once or twice a week, then his/her skin will continue to gain benefit from the products being used. More continuous usage or frequent change of brand doesn’t always have a long-standing effect on the outlook and condition of the skin, unless it is a high percent alpha-hydroxy type product, which contains more exfoliants.

Question: If using a different cosmetic, similar to Natural Being, can both be mixed?

Answer: We don’t advise you to mix them with other brands since our products are formulated to work in complete synergy with each other (for example the hydrating creams and the moisturizing ones). Clients may not receive the desired results when mixing different products.

Question: Why is cetearyl alcohol used in some of the products?

Answer: It is an extract from wheat straw (Cetearyl Wheat Straw Glycosides and Cetearyl Alcohol). This forms part of the emulsification process and protects the skin. This ingredient is exceptionally nutritional and nourishes the skin. DO NOT confuse it with the other type of alcohol “isopropyl alcohol”, which exhausts the skin.

Question: I admit I am not good at determining skin type. In this regard, would you please inform me if it is a serious problem if I make a wrong judgment and what are the consequences if I use products for a different type of skin.  Also, if I intend to make a gift, but I don’t know what skin type the person is, what is it better I do – buy products for normal to dry skin instead of for oily? In short – is it a big deal if I mistake the skin type? Can I be sure, even if I make a mistake that the client’s skin will benefit from the natural products and even have maximum effect?

Answer: Determining the wrong skin type can influence the clients’ opinion that the product is either too oily or not oily enough for their skin. In order to avoid the wrong skin type diagnosis I suggest, if you’re not sure, to stick with the “middle ground” rule or offer slightly more oily products. I recommend: Natural cleansing gel, Clean toning gel, Enriched daily cream with Manuka extract, Enriched night cream with Manuka extract, Natural eye cream.

Question: A client said that the body and hand cream with Manuka extract does not absorb well into the skin. What could be the reason for that? So far this client has never used synthetic cosmetics. Therefore this reaction is unusual during cleansing of the skin.

Answer: It is necessary to more continuously massage the product until its full absorption. But even if you don’t, the product will get completely absorbed within a few minutes. Yes, if prior to this the client has used products containing mineralized oil, then absorption could be affected during the first few weeks.

If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to write or call!