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The upper Klamath Lake the productsThe blue-green algae AFA (aphanizomenon-flos-aquae) are the most high-quality blue-green algae. They are extracted from the Upper Klamath Lake, located in the Cascade Mountains Range, South Oregon, USA.
Lake Klamath is a large, but shallow fresh water lake, located at 1262 meters above sea level in an environmentally preserved area. Supplied by over 17 pure mountain streams and geo-thermal springs, this ancient lake is famous for its 10 meter mineral layer and contains the richest mineral and alkaline waters on Earth.
The Upper Klamath Lake is one of the richest sources of the blue-green algae AFA. The Upper Klamath Lake 2 the productsIt is famous for its abundance of minerals and microelements. This mineral wealth is the result of increased volcanic activity a few thousand years ago, resulting in millions of tons of mineral-rich debris covering the surrounding area. Fifty thousand

s of this debris are brought into the lake daily (which has an area of about 250 square kilometres), by a net of 17 rivers, streams and waterfalls. This astounding lake, in its unique isolation has turned into an incredibly nutritional habitat and is impossible to have it recreated by man. The Klamath algae are wild: they do not contain bacteria, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, insecticides or fungicides. Th

ey are one of the richest sources of diverse nutrients per gram of weight. They contain most of the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, proteins, amino acids (+ the 8 essential ones), fatty acids, neuro peptides, and chlorophyll. The AFA algae are in the very beginning of the food chain, existing on our planet for over 3.5 billion years and are responsible for the oxygen in our atmosphere!

A lot of the superfood products featured here include the blue-green afa algae. Check all available superfoods to your left!


"Trapping and concentrating the regenerating power of the sun, blue-green algae-the first and oldest form of life on earth-is an amazing food, packed with enough nutrients to overcome even severe vitamin and mineral deficiencies, relieving a wide range of health problems." - from "Miracle Superfood: Wild Blue-Green Algae" by Gillian McKeith




On a gram for gram basis, the blue-green AFA algae is a rich of a wide range of nutrients:

·         Vitamins – contains most vitamins and excellent source of Vitamin B12, Vitamin C and Vitamin B5
·         Minerals – provides a large number of minerals and trace elements, occurring in an organic, easily absorbable form
·         Antioxidants – contains high level of carotenoids
·         Protein – provides high quality vegetarian protein in a ratio that makes it easy to assimilate
·         Amino Acids – contains essential amino acids provided at optimal levels for human nutritional needs
·         Fatty Acids – includes fatty acids essential to the diet that the body does not produce
·         Neuropeptides – important for healthy brain function
·         Chlorophyll – responsible for capturing the light energy needed for photosynthesis, it is also a natural internal body cleanser.

Algae are at the base of the food chain. They are very nutrient dense, meaning that there is little waste when they is consumed, which is the opposite of eating junk food which is sometimes described as being ‘empty calories’.


The body recognises the nutrients in algae as food and they are easily absorbed


and utilised. This is why the blue-green algae are considered the #1 superfood on our planet by so many!

A quote from the AquaSource book “Energetic, Active and Vital” with regards to the product ColActive (Colostrum): “Imagine a food source, which contains all the necessary ingredients for the immune system, growth factors and а multitude of vitamins and minerals. Imagine a food source, which can fight and eliminate bacterial invasions in the digestive tract. Imagine a food source, which contains insulin-like growth factor (lgF-1), which can contribute to higher physical endurance in athletes. All of these and many other components are included in the product ColActive (Colostrum). Extracted from the purest sources, colostrum is the first milk, which mammals produce, with which they feed the newborn. This food product contains all the components, necessary for the survival and forming of the immunity of the newborn.”

Colostrum is considered one of the top superfoods as well!


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Manuka category

It is true that beauty comes from inside, but good skin care helps it express itself in the best way. Natural Being cosmetics are efficacious and easy to use. They sustain the skin naturally, leaving it clean and healthy. In the heart of Natural Being is the deep respect towards the wisdom of Nature. The products are specially created with the New Zealand active manuka honey and oil. They also have a wonderful outlook and aroma and leave a wholesome feeling after using them – an innocent luxury for everyday pleasure. With Natural Being by AquaSource you can be calm and relaxed. These are a 100% natural cosmetics and there are no harmful chemicals, like the cancerogenic paraben, within it.


Manuka is a small tea tree that grows in New Zealand and South-Eastern Australia. The Manuka products have high anti-bacterial potency and an array of healing functions.


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Vegan society

All the company's products are produced and extracted in completely sustainable ways. AquaSource is extremely environmentally conscious and the gathering of these valuable superfoods in no way causes any harm or damage to nature. Most products approved by the Vegan Society.




AquaSource also holds a Certificate of Good Manufacturing Practice issued by the Health Food Manufacturers' Association.

GM free


All AquaSource superfoods are free of any genetic modification.



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