“I found out about Aquasource products some time ago when my little boy 2 was years old and had just started nursery. I was really worried as he was going down with something literary every other week, he lost a lot of weight and it felt like he was constantly ill. And even if the temperature would go away within couple of days, the running nose and annoying cough would remain for days and weeks until he went down with something new again, again and again.
People were telling me that this is normal, and that he is building up his immune system but I knew something is not right, I knew that his little body is struggling to keep up the fight with all these viruses and bacteria and he needs something to help him.
And then one of my friends told me about Aquasource and how much the products has help her little girl, and I started researching the products. It looked like that they are all natural, clean and suitable for all ages. So decided to give it a go….
Started with Colactive 3, Liquid Algae and Essentials Fatty Acids and the miracle I was waiting and hoping for happened within couple of weeks. My son health improved significantly, no more running nose or nasty cough, his appetite improved as well and all the sleepless nights were left behind. Six years later I still give him the products almost every day. He is hardly ever sick and even if something gets him down he recovers within a day or two.”