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Why drinking enough water matters

Why drinking enough water matters Our summer mode is on – some of us are enjoying the beach, some are cycling, some are hiking, and others are sipping cocktails by the pool. In any case our bodies are running low on water either because of the heat, the physical exercises or because the alcohol has…
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Why do we sweat?

Why do we sweat? Summer is here. It`s time for cold beers, delicious ice-creams and seaside vacations. But summer in the city is also about long sweaty trips with the public transport. So, what makes us sweat and why? You may be familiar with the main reasons – from cardio intensive exercise to eating spicy…
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How to strengthen your immune system?

How to strengthen your immune system? The cold and flu season is hopefully coming to an end soon. Even with the sunny spring looming on the horizon, it is important to boost our immune systems so that they can protect us against viruses and infections. If you think it`s easier said than done, check out…
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