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The Benefits of Probiotics

The Benefits of Probiotics When speaking of bacteria most people think of those microorganisms as of something bad. Indeed, bacteria carry many diseases but in reality, there are also strains that are actually beneficial to our health. That is why researchers dub them probiotics. Good bacteria is of crucial importance the well-being of our guts…
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Probiotics And Their Health Benefits

Did you know that the largest part of your immune system resides in your gut? It is true: your gastrointestinal tract is the home for colonies of “good bacteria”, called probiotics, which try to protect you from any pathogen that finds its way inside your body. They act like your very own miniature defense forces…
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For Better Health

(an article from the AquaSource newsletter) ColActive 3 combines three unique ingredients: colostrum, the probiotic acidophilus and lactoferrin (one of the components naturally contained within colostrum) in order to create a powerful, health enhancing food. The value of colostrum with regards to health is two-fold. First, it is exceptionally nutritional and second – it contains many…
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