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Probiotics and Babies

Probiotics are especially important during the first 2-3 years of a person’s life. Babies on a natural diet suffer less from colic and other digestive disturbances. This is due to the stimulatory effect that the mother’s milk renders upon the bifidus bacteria. They have to constitute 99% of intestinal flora of healthy newborns and are…
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Why Are Digestive Enzymes So Important?

In the past, when people were picking and preparing their own food, suffering from the lack of digestive enzymes was something that was unheard of. Freshly picked plants, prepared locally, contained all the enzymes that a human body would ever need to sustain its health and ensure longevity. With the advent of modern agricultural practices…
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Levels of Health

This material is from Peter Naydenov’s latest book “Health without drugs” According to George Vithoulkas there exist 12 levels of health. People are divided into 4 groups each of which has 3 levels – higher (healthiest), middle and lower (most fragile). He has dedicated a book of 300 pages on this subject! The basic idea…
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