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Fatty Acid Complex

People have always actively sought out way to improve their health. This existing search continues to nourish growing interest towards bettering health through the consumption of essential fatty acids. Their positive effect still continues to draw attention. In the mean time people being actively looking for foods and supplements in order to protect or even…
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The Hidden Power of Seed (intro to EFA)

Every year, during the cold and under the snow, even in the farthest polar regions life does not cease to exist. The small seeds in which life is hidden are made up in such a way so as to carry it preserved to spring without problems. The major reason for this is owed to the…
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Essential Fatty Acids and Our Health

There has been a lot written, and a lot keeps on being written every day about the fats in the food we consume. Some say ‘take fats’ other say the opposite – it’s all about saturated, unsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. What is the truth? For many years now, the USA has declared ‘war’ against obesity…
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