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Feeling depressed? Essential Fatty Acids Can Fix That

Feeling depressed? Essential Fatty Acids Can Fix That  Our bodies need numerous nutrients to function properly and fatty acids are no exception. While we can synthesize some of them by processing food, there is one group of fatty acids that we cannot produce ourselves. Just like vitamin D, we have to supply our cells with…
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Fats That Heal

EFA are vitally necessary ingredients which are not produced within our organism and must be ingested externally. According to the World Health Organization at least 3% of a person’s calories should come from EFA (twice as much for growing children and pregnant women). EFA are included within the group of lipids, which are essential for…
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Essential Fatty Acids and Our Health

There has been a lot written, and a lot keeps on being written every day about the fats in the food we consume. Some say ‘take fats’ other say the opposite – it’s all about saturated, unsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. What is the truth? For many years now, the USA has declared ‘war’ against obesity…
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