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Top 3 essential nutrients

Top 3 essential nutrients You may have heard a thing or two about essential nutrients. But do you know what it is exactly and why your body needs them? If the answer is “no”, it might be worthwhile to explain. Essential nutrients are compounds that your body can`t produce in sufficient quantity (if at all).…
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Digestive problems? What types of food to avoid?

Digestive problems? What types of food to avoid? A good digestion means a good health. It’s not only the food you eat, it’s how it’s processed, how your body reacts to it and how you digest it. Even the so-called healthy food is not doing you any good if your stomach and intestines fail to extract…
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Why Are Digestive Enzymes So Important?

In the past, when people were picking and preparing their own food, suffering from the lack of digestive enzymes was something that was unheard of. Freshly picked plants, prepared locally, contained all the enzymes that a human body would ever need to sustain its health and ensure longevity. With the advent of modern agricultural practices…
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