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Bone health: what’s the secret?

Bone health: what's the secret? Have you ever felt a piercing pain through your knee? If you have experienced it, you probably know it can stop you from doing sports, walking and enjoying life to the fullest. More often than not, we take our bones for granted. But the truth is that our bones provide…
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Healthy digestion on a vacation? Here`s how.

Healthy digestion on a vacation? Here`s how. It`s finally summer. If you`re eagerly waiting for your well-deserved summer break with all the relax time, beach cocktails and good food, it may be worth thinking of your digestion in advance. Healthy digestion will allow you to consume all of these delicious treats while enjoying your vacation.…
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Why drinking enough water matters

Why drinking enough water matters Our summer mode is on – some of us are enjoying the beach, some are cycling, some are hiking, and others are sipping cocktails by the pool. In any case our bodies are running low on water either because of the heat, the physical exercises or because the alcohol has…
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