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5 foods that boost your immune system

5 foods that boost your immune system Summer has come to an end. As we are waving goodbye to the last sunshine beams, it's time to think how to boost our immune system that may be threatened by the drop in temperatures. Seems like nutrition is vital if you want to avoid the nasty colds…
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Levels of Health

This material is from Peter Naydenov’s latest book “Health without drugs” According to George Vithoulkas there exist 12 levels of health. People are divided into 4 groups each of which has 3 levels – higher (healthiest), middle and lower (most fragile). He has dedicated a book of 300 pages on this subject! The basic idea…
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Fatty Acid Complex or Liquid Gold?

As some of you may know, AquaSource offers two types of fatty acid products – Fatty Acid Complex and Liquid Gold Complex. So what is the difference? Here’s a short explanation: Women and small children better metabolize fatty acids, of which 15-20% break down to Omega-3 in the organism and in men that number is only 1-5%! Therefore…
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