Sleep deprivation? 3 ways to boost your energy

Ever had a night out, partying until 5 am and having to work the next day? Or had a trouble falling asleep, staying wide awake and worrying about the important speech you had to deliver at the office?

If the answer is “yes” and you have experienced a similar situation, then you know the feeling. It's hard to drag through the day.  Even your favorite job tasks turn into a chore. Because you're so sleepy...But there`re ways to boost your energy, even a little bit (other than drinking 10 cups of coffee that can make you irritable). Here's how:

1. Stay hydrated

If you're sleepy and grumpy, make sure you drink enough water. Hydration helps against exhaustion, so make sure you drink a few glasses of water. Add fresh lemon, lime or cucumber for more freshness and taste.

   2. Exercise and take a cold shower

 Moderate exercise or a walk will definitely make you more energetic and help you be more focused at work. Why not going for a brisk walk in the morning or riding your bike to work? If that's impossible, try incorporating more movement into the day – take the stairs whenever possible, do a few quick exercises at your desk or use the lunch break to take a walk in the park.  Cold showers are also said to improve the blood circulation and your energy levels.

3. Eat good food

Yes, we know – it's hard to eat “good” food whatever that is, especially when you're so tired.

But fruits, lots of fresh vegetables, and protein-rich foods like nuts, fish, and chicken can actually help you feel better. The right supplements can also boost your energy when combined with a healthy nutrition and lifestyle. Yet, make sure you've previously consulted with a doctor or certified nutrition specialist.

Hope you managed to stay awake while reading this. Our advice might even help you avoid falling asleep at your desk and actually have a productive day at the office. Give it a try and let us know in the comments.

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