Start easy Programme
Start Easy Programme – A Detoxification Programme

Start Easy Programme – A Detoxification Programme


The AquaSource Start Easy Programme is recommended to all new customers. It is specifically designed to help your body slowly, but surely, cleanse itself of toxins and waste matter. The Start Easy Programme also helps maintain and restore healthy levels of enzymes and friendly bacteria, and is a great way to begin your AquaSource superfood journey!

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The Start Easy Formula


Digestive enzymes are critical to proper digestion. Specific mixes of digestive enzymes are included to help support your body's own natural digestive processes.


Found naturally in the colonic area of the large intestine, bifidus helps promote a favourable balance of friendly bacteria, allowing efficient intestinal function and elimination of toxins.


Native to the small intestine, these friendly bacteria also help maintain digestive health.


AquaSource Algae
Never Frozen, and dried at low temperature using our proprietary BioActive Dehydration process. AquaSource blue-green algae from Upper Klamath Lake is an extremely rich and pure source of a wide range of key nutrients.


Programme Summary:
1. All food and drink has to pass through the intestinal tract.
2. Detox programme to ensure proper levels of important enzymes and friendly bacteria the digestive system needs in order to function efficiently.
3. Contains AlgaeDigestive EnzymesAcidophilus and Bifidus Complex.
4. 4-week supply.


1. Supports the body's own inner cleansing mechanisms.
2. Helps optimize nutritional intake for well-being and vitality.



Week 1 - Take 2 capsules Bifidus before retiring and 1 capsule Enzymes twice per day before meals.
Week 2 - Take 2 capsules Acidophilus in the morning 40 minutes before eating, 1 capsule Enzymes twice per day before meals, 1 capsule Algae and 2 capsules Bifidus before retiring.
Week 3 - Same as week 2 and increase Algae to 2 capsules per day.
Week 4 - Complete Acidophilus Programme, take Enzymes and increase Algae to 3 capsules per day.


Drink as much spring or purified water as possible. This provides the body with an efficient conduit for elimination.

Get started!


Harmful bacteria and fungi often develop in our intestines, which damages the gentle intestinal membrane. Tiny and microscopic sores are formed, through which, undigested substances from food can enter and lead up to allergies and intoxication. Through these sores, body fluid is lost and can cause weakening of the organism.

This decreases the small intestine’s capability to produce enzymes and absorb foods, which deepens cellular hunger. This creates an environment for chronic inflammations, which can last for years. The paradox is that these people are “treated” with antibiotics and other medicaments, which only worsen their condition.

Dysbacteriosis in the large intestine leads to constipation and causes autointoxication. Toxins easily pass through the blood and overload the liver and kidneys. When the latter cannot process them, the result is skin problems – acne, eczema, psoriasis, bad outlook, etc. Headaches could develop, even migraine, because toxins cause the blood vessels in the brain to spasm. All kinds of symptoms appear because the cells do not manage to cleanse themselves well enough.

According to Chinese medicine, the liver is connected with eyesight, and the kidneys with general vitality. This could explain the worsening of the eyes and fatigue which are caused by an improper way of eating among people with damaged liver and/or kidneys.

Of great importance is the diminished activity of the enzymes, which gets worse with age – especially between people who mostly eat cooked and processed foods. This in turn slows down metabolism and it becomes a vicious cycle. Eating cooked foods means that most of the enzymes are directed towards digestion and less enzyme strength is left for healing, regenerating and rejuvenating the organism. Free radicals increase because the body’s antioxidant system depends on the activity of enzymes. The result at the end is early aging.

In many cases, in the beginning, the free radicals released get stored in the cells and are quiet and do not cause particular symptoms. Only a specialist can understand that, in reality, there could be serious health problems in years to come. At this stage, however, as a rule, no one pays attention to eating habits.

If a person begins consuming sufficient foods, like algae, certain changes begin to take place in the organism. Initially the cells receive the necessary nutrients and energy and wake up from the napping state in which they are in. The first thing they do is to begin throwing out all the stored releases outside, i.e. in the blood. A detoxication process begins, which depends on the condition of the liver, kidneys, intestines, lungs and skin – the organs through which toxins are processed and thrown out.

If these organs function well, the cleansing process continues without any problems. But if they cannot handle the pressure, the risen toxin level in the blood leads to some unpleasant subjective experiences – headache, bad taste in mouth, malaise, fatigue. It is possible for rashes to occur, secretions in the nose, diarrhea, phlegm, etc.

These symptoms are a good sign that the organism is strong enough to cleanse itself. This could disturb someone who does not know what is happening. It is most commonly at this stage that people stop taking the algae, thinking “their bodies don’t handle them” or even, that they are “developing allergies” – when in fact a healthy, but strong and unpleasant cleansing reaction is occurring.

When we start using algae, we have to be aware that they have a powerful and regenerative effect. If we lead a sedentary life, we overeat, smoke and drink, the intake of large doses of algae together with toxic food can lead to overload. In the blood then, besides the toxins from food and cigarettes, enter the toxins thrown out by the cells as they cleanse themselves. The detox crises in this case is more unpleasant.

The Start Easy Programme by AquaSource is conformed to the organism’s basic requirements during detoxication. The digestive enzymes in it help us absorb food better, so that rotting and fermentation is avoided and we save our own enzyme energy to direct it towards cleansing the organism. Probiotics take care of the proper intestinal hygiene and prevent constipation. This diminishes the probability of other toxins invading and increases the capability for throwing out the current ones.

With healthy people, Start Easy is enough to give the organism a chance to cleanse itself quietly. The gradualness of the programme gives time for the organism to adjust. After a month the algae intake is increased according to the needs and all kinds of different combinations with the other products can be made.

If, however, you have health problems, Start Easy could be combined with other products for food prophylactics immediately. Adding CoenzymeQ10 with Chromium is recommended for a sick heart and diabetes, and Antioxidant for blood vessel problems such as strokes, atherosclerosis, stenocardia.


The benefits of the Start Easy Programme by AquaSource are like a combination of the benefits of its constituents – AFA algae, enzymes and probiotics. Besides that:

- It supplies energy and raises the protective faculties of the organism;

- Provides important nutrients which are usually missing in the diet;

- Cleanses toxins from the intestines and heals dysbacteriosis;

- Regenerates the stomach lining and fibers of the small intestine;

- Enhances food absorption and nourishes all cells in the body;

- Protects from becoming allergic through food;

- Regulates the large intestine and removes constipation;

- Very positive effect on the liver;

- Decreases harm from free radicals;

- Has a regenerative effect by containing enzyme reserves in the organism;

- Eases absorption of all beneficial nutrients in food;

Here is why, anyone with any chronic complaints, or anyone feeling they need a more serious boost to aid healing faster could be advised to begin with Start Easy.


The Start Easy Programme is also good in dealing with anemia, especially if the anemia is related to insufficient diet and an incapability to absorb iron and vitamin B12 very well. The law of synergy works within this product – the whole is bigger than its constituent parts. This explains why it is so crucial for everyone who values their health to go on the Start Easy program once a year. In this way we help maintain ourselves healthy and a wonderful feeling of strength and well-being, which cannot be reached by the insufficient and unbalanced way of eating, so characteristic of modern man.

It is strongly recommended for anyone looking to reach maximum effect to combine the Start Easy Programme with ColActive and FAC.


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