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Himalayan Crystal Salt

Himalayan Crystal Salt


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Himalayan Crystal Salt is the planet’s purest salt, rich with valuable minerals and energy, and was formed about 250 million years ago. It contains 84 different minerals  which are easily absorbed by the human organism because they are in a colloid solution. By taking 1% Himalayan Crystal Salt solution, we actually take the basis of life in the most energetic, and easily absorbed form.

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Himalayan Crystal Salt is the planet’s purest salt, rich with valuable minerals and energy. It was formed about 250 million years ago. Salt, which AquaSource offers is extracted manually and hygienically from the largest energetic source on Earth (the Himalayas). It is incredibly clean, pink in colour, which is owed to the iron and other atoms included in its crystal structure with large cubical crystals (the most perfect form in nature). The crystal’s energy is proportional to their size.

The Himalayan Crystal Salt contains 84 different minerals (consequently 84 different type of vibrations), which are easily absorbed by the human organism because they are in a colloid solution. By taking 1% Himalayan Crystal Salt solution, we actually take the basis of life in the most energetic and easily absorbed form.

Salt (sodium chloride) enters the blood and lymph. Sodium ensures the normal functioning of the cells, and respectively, its shortage can lead to serious problems in the organism – for example, obstruction of nerve impulse conductivity, and also the production of insulin. Sodium shortage causes the kidneys to produce renin, which leads to capillary spasm and increase in arterial pressure, and this is very dangerous – raises the risk of stroke and heart attack.

Overusing salt could also lead to problems. The heaviest consequence of over-salting is hypertension. Sodium has the properties of sustaining water in the organism, raising blood pressure and weight. Obesity supports the development of cardiovascular ailments, diabetes, and raises the risk of tumor formations.

Therefore, we should salt our food with the healthy Himalayan salt. It contains iron (to which its pink colour is owed), sulphur, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and other elements necessary for the organism. Its sodium content is lower, and that is why it does not sustain water in the organism. According to Ayurveda, Himalayan Crystal Salt contains the elements water and fire and helps for a clear mind and normal digestion.

The integration and regulation of the vital processes is a significant condition for the existence of organisms, together with metabolism and energy. The internal environment is characterized with significant persistence, which ensures the necessary conditions for life of the organism’s cells, regardless of the fluctuations in the factors of the external environment. The organism is a self-regulating system which constantly supports homeostasis. All cells interact with extracellular fluid – a mediator for the continuous metabolism between cells.

Every disturbance of the homeostasis leads to disturbing the flow of the vital processes. Alteration of all vital parameters have one purpose only – maintaining the conditions for life in the internal liquid environment. The ever-increasing process of industrialization and globalization disconnects man from nature, and by doing this it deprives him from the pure vibrations of the water, Sun and salt.

The vital beverage “Sole” represents a 1% Himalayan Crystal Salt solution. It should be taken regularly – 1-2 tea cups daily. The saturated salt solution is 26%. It is made in a glass container, it is not stirred, and is covered so it does not get dusted. It has unlimited durability and water could be added periodically (so that the solution is saturated, there have to be un-dissolved crystals at the bottom).

The salt solution provides the organism with natural energy which the organism can keep up to 24 hours. It can neutralize pH, the cause for symptoms of many illnesses, which defines its multi-sided application.

One tea spoon of the saturated solution is placed in 1 cup of clean spring water (250ml). It is taken in the morning, half an hour before eating (1-2 cups daily). In this way the absorption, detoxication, energizing and its other healing properties are strongest.


What happens in our organism after taking a 1% solution of Himalayan Salt?

- Alkalization and restoration of salt balance
- Detoxication and rejuvenation of cells and tissue
- Blood thinning, breaking up bad cholesterol, strengthening of blood vessels
- Enhancement of microcirculation, normalization of blood pressure
- Enhancement of cell nourishment and the whole metabolism, including better absorption of medicaments and food supplements
- Energetic balancing of the organism, raising vitality, endurance, immunity
- Rejuvenation and beautification!
- Raising the soul’s energy, including levels of awareness
- Maintaining the connection with the primal energies of the planet, with the Himalayas and Shambala


Besides internally, Himalayan Salt can be applied for:

- Sinus cleansing – 1-2% salt solution is used.
- Inhalation – in a wide container 2 liters of water is boiled, 20 grams of Himalayan Crystal Salt are added, and is stirred until dissolved. The head is covered with a towel and for about 10-15 minutes the person should breathe deeply. After 30 minutes, pollutants secretions and phlegm are thrown out, and this way the respiratory system cleanses itself. This is done a few times a day.
- Compressions with 1% solution for injuries, pains and swellings of muscles and joints.
- Eye cleansing – in a container or 1% solution as eye drops (to be used once since bacteria develop in it).
- Gargle – done with 1-3% solution, which is then spit – not drank! Helps with gum and tonsil infections, periodontitis (in a combination with blue-green algae and possibly antioxidant with pycnogenol or CoQ10), calculus, aphthous ulcer.
- Washing teeth – with a brush dipped in 3% solution, it is not swallowed!
- Feet tubs – with 3-5% solution (during fatigue, fungi, eczema, chronic cold feet).
- Himalayan healers heal asthma, bronchitis, and other illnesses of the respiratory system through spending time in special salt rooms.
- Bags with salt – heated in an oven and placed on ill spots. The bag can be put in a freezer for an inflammatory process.
- Cosmetic purposes – facial masks, hair removal. The mask is made with 1 spoonful of medicinal clay, ½ spoonful AFA, and 1% Himalayan crystal salt solution until slurring. It is placed for about 30 minutes and is then washed with water.
- During heavy health problems, for example pneumonia – a salty vest could be made with 1% solution at body temperature, salt socks and other similar compressions during gout, psoriasis, eczemas (but not on sores!).
- Crystal lamp – reduces stress, helps with allergies due to ionization of the air with negative ions.


Himalayan Crystal Salt has universal application owed to its main activity as a balancing agent of most processes in the organism. Its combination with AFA, FAC, ColActive 3, and Antioxidant protects the organism and helps healing of ailments.


Himalayan Crystal Salt if offered by AquaSource as:

Finely grounded table salt (400g. saltern)
Bath salt of 1.6kg


Body baths with Himalayan Crystal Salt

Why are people instinctively drawn towards the ocean? Perhaps unconsciously, all of us long for the specific vibrations of the primal ocean, from which life emerged, to which we can always return when we need to recharge our batteries and regenerate ourselves on the deepest level. At the sea shore we come to value and take full advantage of salts and water. Inhaling sea vapour cleanses and heals, and the crashing of the sea waves creates an atmosphere rich with the beneficial negative ions. Bathing in salt water, reminding of the amniotic fluid in the mother’s womb, deeply fulfills our primal emotional and physical needs, and brings us security, calmness, and feelings of content.

400 grams of Himalayan crystal salt are poured at the bottom of the tub, covered with enough water for 30 minutyes until the salt is dissolved and then the tub is filled with warm water. The bath lasts 30 minutes and the skin is then softly dried with a towel, without additional pouring with water and/or scrubbing. After the bath it is good to relax by lying down for 30-60 minutes.

When we take Himalayan crystal salt baths, we dip into an ocean of energy, which rebalances our weak spots and reactivates the flow of vital strength through our body. All our organs and systems begin resonating with the different natural energetic frequencies of the minerals in the Himalayan crystal salt. This activates our own regulatory mechanisms and our capacity for self-healing.

Our body fully absorbs the minerals and energies of the Himalayan crystal salt around a Full Moon, when the capabilities for self-healing reach their peak. On the other hand, the cleansing effect of the Himalayan crystal salt is most expressed during a New Moon, because the body’s detoxication capability is strongest then. Therefore, the Himalayan crystal salt baths during New Moons have a cleansing effect, which can be compared to a three day meal free diet, and during a Full Moon its effect is nourishing and strengthening.

During normal baths, moisture is extracted from the skin and it dries. In comparison, the Himalayan crystal salt baths help the skin retain water and not dry up, which is why they are beneficial for people with dry skin. During such baths, toxins leave the body through osmosis and pass to the salty water, and the beneficial minerals of the Himalayan crystal salt are absorbed through the skin and go inside the organism. In this way the skin gets nourished with the necessary elements and balances its own pH towards alkalization. On top of that, the inhaling of the salty vapour strengthens the mucous membrane of the nose, sinuses, and respiratory system.


More on the internal intake of Himalayan Crystal Salt

Himalayan Crystal Salt is the cleanest salt on the planet, free of all kinds of toxins, heavy metals and other pollutants, which are usually seen in the usual table salt. Sea salt has for a while been deemed unhealthy, since the seas are now turning into dunghills of harmful and toxic substances, like for example dioxin, mercury, etc. More frequent are the cases of oil spills. On top of that, producers refine salt before they let it out on the market, which makes our body waste a lot more energy to absorb it. Its minerals, even if present, find difficulty reaching the organism. Therefore, it cannot be compared to Himalayan crystal salt, where all the minerals are harmonically connected. This means that, on an energetic level, Himalayan crystal salt is much better for our bodies and is easily absorbed without wasting energy.

The typical cooking salt is a “cleansed” sodium chloride with added aluminum salts, substances, absorbing moisuret and other unnatural ingredients. Aluminum can lead to Alzheimer’s disease. Every unnecessary gram of salt retains 23 grams of water in the body, which is expressed in cellulite and cell dehydration. Besides that, the body is trying to free itself from the sodium chloride by precipitating it in the joints, vessels, and organs. This can lead to gout, arthritis, and kidney stones.

Rock salt also isn’t as good as Himalayan Crystal Salt. The minerals in it are not connected with the crystal structure of the salt in colloidal form, but are only mixed in it which is why it is practically useless, since it is very hard to absorb. Himalayan crystal salt formed 250 million years ago during tremendous pressure, specific for the region of the Himalayas. Rock salt has not been exposed to such extreme conditions.

The salt solution (sole) of the Himalayan crystal salt is made when in a jar of clean water, Himalayan salt crystals are placed until saturation (undissolved crystals must remain on the bottom of the jar). The durability of the solution is unlimited. The minerals which precipitate at the bottom of the sole are not in an ionized form and it is not necessary to have them stirred in order to drink them. They are harmless.

One teaspoon of sole contains about a half a gram of salt. Such amount of salt is vitally necessary and must be taken in each day. Naturally, it is much better to provide it through Himalayan salt. One tea spoon of saturated solution (sole) is completely sufficient, in order to provide many microelements. From a vibrational point of view even one drop of sole is enough. With babies and small children the dose is a few drops a day.

The Himalayan Crystal Salt supplies us with the combined vibrational energies of 84 types of ionized minerals and microelements, which remain in our body up to 24 hours. Sole works on an empty stomach and should be taken in the morning for best effects. It is best if we don’t eat for the next 30 minutes. After drinking sole do not drink coffee or black tea, since they sour the organism and act as diuretics – hence decrease the benefits of the Himalayan salt. You can drink herbal tea, especially with lemon, because it alkalizes. If you want, you can take sole in the evening, but you have to maintain the rhythm of 24 hours and take it on an empty stomach.

It is better to use the Himalayan crystal salt on our meals instead of the usual cooking salt. Since Himalayan crystal salt is healthy, it can be used more freely compared to the cooking salt. The only exception are people on hemodialysis and heavy hyper tension, who should only take one dose of sole (one teaspoon in 200ml of water) in the morning on an empty stomach. For everyone else the dose is 1 teaspoon in the morning plus as much as you decide for adding to your meals (but not more than 3-6 grams of crystals – more than that is not good).

Sole harmonizes the alkaline-acidic balance and normalizes blood pressure. It helps us dissolve and throw out the built-up precipitations, which would otherwise lead to kidney stones and gall, gout, arthritis, rheumatism, decreased mobility of joints, atherosclerosis etc. Sole helps with skin diseases by cleansing the organism internally and decreasing our attraction towards harmful foods, alcohol, cigarettes, etc.

Sole is an excellent product for balancing pH (including decreasing the acidity of brain cells) and deliverance from heavy metals and other toxins, because the ionized minerals in the Himalayan salt break their molecules. Taken internally regularly as a 1% solution, the Himalayan crystal salt successfully cleanses the organism from led, mercury, arsenic, amalgam from cavity fillings, calcium deposits, even precipitations of animal proteins, by helping us metabolize and throw them out through urination.


Sole can:

- Balance blood sugar and/or decrease complications during diabetes;
- Help the activity of nerve cells and the transfer of information by the nerve fibers;
- Improves food absorption in the small intestine;
- Cleanses the bronchi from phlegm coatings, which is especially helpful with asthma, mucoviscidosis (cystic fibrosis);
- Has an antihistaminic effect;
- Prevents muscle cramps;
- Strengthens the bones and decreases osteoporosis;
- Regulates sleep and relieves insomnia;
- Relieves dry cough during gargle;
- Enhances libido;
- Helps against varicose veins;


Himalayan Crystal Salt is very healthy during pregnancy for the mother as well as the baby, because it raises the energy level and improves the content of the amniotic fluid. The same 84 minerals and microelements in the same proportion are contained within the blood of every person.


A few drops of sole per day in drinking water can also boost the immunity and vitality of our pets.


Useful Material:

Q & A on using Himalayan Salt


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