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Green Energy – 120 Veg. Capsules

Green Energy – 120 Veg. Capsules


Green Energy is one of AquaSource’s top-notch and most popular and beneficial products, and is a basic addition to a healthy lifestyle. Together with Blue-Green AFA, ColActive, and Fatty Acid Complex, Green Energy acts to strengthen the immune system, as well as provide the most basic nutritional ingredients and energy for our cells to function optimally.

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AquaSource’s Green Energy is a universal cell food, a synergic combination of AFA, Spirulina and ecologically clean alfalfa. It can be eaten by all people for the purpose of prophylactics and sustaining good health, confidence, high levels of vitality, enhanced work capacity and energy.

AFA algae are a potion for the brain, and spirulina is a superfood for the body, strengthening its immunity. Arab people called lucerne "alfalfa", which means “father of all foods.” The roots of this plant penetrate the soil to a depth of 20-30 meters and draw strength from the earth’s womb. It has been accepted for millennia as the most nourishing plant food. A champion amongst plants with regards to mineral, protein and chlorophyll content (giving way only to microalgae). In traditional medicine and in homeopathy, lucerne is used as a tonic. It stimulates appetite and enhances digestion, vitality, increases endurance, improves the mood, and raises confidence. It also helps regulate cholesterol and nourishes the liver, kidneys, sexual glands and muscles. Alfalfa is helpful to undernourished, neurasthenic, nervous people, insomnia or indigestion. It helps give relaxed and refreshing sleep and also helps with bladder irritation and prostatic hypertrophy. It has a positive effect on rheumatic symptoms. Lucerne raises the quantity and quality of breastfeeding mothers’ milk, especially when it is not enough. It also helps pregnant women better absorb food and has a great overall energizing, toning and nourishing effect.

AquaSource’s Green Energy is especially suitable for people who want to raise their vitality and regulate their weight. One capsule contains only 2 calories, but supplies the organism with very precious micronutrients. It is best taken together with EFA (essential fatty acids) and colostrum. This combination can be used indefinitely and the effect on anyone is excellent and is the easiest and most secure way for us to gain the food nutrients necessary for maintaining a healthy metabolism.

Almost all people who use Green Energy report an obvious positive effect. But even if you do not notice anything at first glance, keep taking this highly nutritional combination because it leads to regeneration of the organism on a cellular level and to improving all physiological factors.

Experience shows an amazing effect on children – they grow and develop better, rarely get sick, have more energy and look better. It is an excellent idea to give to children even if they are severely ill, because it combines well with other forms of treatment and helps the organism battle the ailment.

Green Energy also has an effect on elderly people with lowered immunity and proneness to frequent colds and flu, because it gives a great overall strengthening of the organism, which could be vital, especially during winter or viral epidemics. During colds and viral infections it is good to take more GE, from 10-15 caps a day for 2-3 days, and in heavier cases it might be good to combine it with CoQ10 and Antioxidant. The effect is astonishing.

It is strongly recommended for all pregnant and breastfeeding mothers who want to preserve their health and ensure only the best for their children, to use both Green Energy and EFA (essential fatty acids). Not a single woman during these periods should be left without these nutrients. The products are completely harmless and non-toxic, which is especially important for pregnant women and children.



The average daily dose for adults and children over 7 years of age is 3x1 capsules Green Energy and 3x7-10 drops of EFA. If you are prone to gaining weight and have a high appetite – be careful with calories and move more! This will obviously help you lose weight. The explanation is simple – quality cell nourishment.

If you feel you are getting sick combine 5 ColActive capsules with 5 Green Energy capsules three times a day for 2-3 days.


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