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Flexibility is a product designed specifically for improving the joints of the body. Flexibility helps prevent joint inflammations, enhances cartilage regeneration, and helps joints retain agility. For a more specific explanation of this product’s contents and how it works, please read the product description below.

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Few are those, in today’s world, who can commend themselves with no bone alteration.
The joints are the hinges in the human body. All movements are done through them, which is why they are usually the first to show signs of wearing out.

This is the reason AquaSource has developed the product “Flexibility”.

This is a product aimed toward all key factors for sustaining the function and health of joints.


In order to deal effectively with joint problems, attention must be paid to the following  three major aspects:

- Preventing inflammations

- Cartilage regeneration

- Retaining agility



Numerous reasons exist as to why a certain joint area could become inflammatory. The swelling in these areas are usually painful, limit movement, due to which more attention must be paid.

The main active ingredient in the leaves of olive trees is oleuropein, which has under examination been proven to ease blood flow in the organism. Flexibility contains benolea – a special patented extract from the leaves of oil trees, which ensures effective circulation of blood around the joint area.

MSM is a natural, organic sulphuric compound, which effectively fights most forms of joint inflammations, including arthritis and sporting traumas. This AquaSource product contains a special form of this ingredient, called Opt-MSM, which additionally helps reduce joint pain during swelling and inflammation.

Aloe Vera has been used to centuries to ease inflammations and relief of swellings. This ingredient is also included in the product to enhance the workings of the benolea and Opti-MSM.


Cartilage Regeneration

The Cartilage is flexible, elastic connective tissue, which works as a joint-buffer. It is made up of cells mounted within an intercellular substance, and enhanced with collagenic fibers and sometimes with elastin. Collagen is the main protein of this connective tissue. The larger part of the cartilage in the organism is hyaline cartilage. It differs with a particularly high water content, builds up joints, which connect the bones and help their smooth movements.

Flexibility contains a unique mix of collagens called “Chondtractiv”.

The combined ingredients in this product contain high levels of collagen, which is used to repress autoimmune attacks, to prevent cartilage damage, and for regenerating tissue. Chondroitin blocks the process of cartilage damage and helps the renewal and regeneration of the cells. Besides that, there is added hyaluronic acid – a sensational new health product. The purpose is to help the production of hyaline cartilage – the cartilage inherent in all joints.

Clinical observations of samples taken from 37 people suffering from joint pains, show that the usage of Chondractiv decreases the need of non-steroid anti-inflammatory medicament intake by 73% and enhances agility. These double-blind placebo controlled tests have been conducted with a supplement containing Chondractiv in capsules and placebo for the continuation of three months and have undergone the same tests over again three months later.

Flexibility contains extract from humulus. Newest research shows that humulus components prevent inflammation. It helps the regenerative processes initiated by the collagens Chondractiv in combination with chondroitin.



Preserving the smooth and capable movements in joints is vitally important for daily activities and quality of life. Since time and activity take their toll, sustaining the organism through superfoods and supplements is recommended for ease of movement.

Flexibility contains the only vegetarian form of glucosamine with hydrochloride (Regenasure glucosamine). It helps tissue build up with large water content, ensures cartilage tissue density and gives a “springy” effect. This ingredient contains 83% glucosamine, whilst the common glucosamine sulfate contains only 65%.

The last extract in this product is Celadrin. Celadrin is extracted from specific fatty acids and constantly strengthens the health and wholeness of the cellular membranes through greasing, thus ensuring more smoothness and elasticity. It also raises the amount fluid in the joints. Tests show that the combination of Celadrin and Glucosamine creates natural synergy and secures heightened mobility of joints.



Regenasure (vegetable glucosamine hydrochloride) – 460mg
Chondractiv (collagen type II – chondroitin) – 190mg
Opti-MSM – 100mg
Benolea (olive tree extract) – 80mg
Celadrin (mono unsaturated fatty acids) – 80mg
Aloe Vera 200:1 – 30mg (equivalent to 6 grams Aloe Vera powder)
Humulus extract 4:1 – 30mg
Hyaluronic acid – 10mg

Capsule – pure gelatin.

Does not contain preservatives, gluten, grain foods, wheat, lactose, added sugar, artificial colour agents, and yeast.

One bottle contains 60 capsules.


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