AquaSource product Fatty Acid Complex bottle
Fatty Acid Complex – 50 ml

Fatty Acid Complex – 50 ml


Fatty Acid Complex is an amazing blend of cold extracts from an array of different seeds, nuts, and fruits that results in 88 fatty acids, including all the essential ones. The full list of health benefits, written below, includes blood sugar regulation, improved eye-sight and brain activity, smoother skin, weight loss, and many others, have a look!

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Fatty Acid Complex is cold extract from linseed, sesame and sunflower seeds, pear nuts and walnuts, pumpkin seeds, wheat germ, saffron, borage, lettuce, garlic, carrot, lemon, orange, olive, blackberry and cranberry, currant, briar and a few other plants, with added fish-oil and lecithin. It contains 88 fatty acids, including all essential ones in a well balanced proportion. This is a particularly valuable superfood, beneficial to both sick and healthy people, for children and elderly, people involved in intellectual labor and those involved in more physical activities. EFA (essential fatty acids) are included within the group of lipids, which are vitally important for the build-up of all our cells’ membranes. They are not produced within the organism and have to be supplied externally. It has been pointed out that basically everyone is prone to EFA deficiency due to thermal processing of food and the refining of vegetable fats. According to the World Health Organization at least 3% of a person’s calories should come from EFA (twice as much for growing children and pregnant women).


Here are some of EFA’s functions:

  • Increase vitality and smoothness of the skin, hair shine and suppleness, soften the hands, ease muscle movements;
  • Regulate blood sugar, help prevent diabetes;
  • Increase endurance to cold and sustain body temperature;
  • Strengthen the immune system and protect us from toxins, bacteria, viruses and allergens;
  • Important for the development of the brain, eyes, and fetus, as well as the psyche and vision of elderly people;
  • Protect from heart disease, stroke, and pulmonary embolism;
  • Especially useful to men leading an active sex life;
  • Safeguard from degenerative conditions in regards to aging;
  • Regulate cell conductivity;
  • Participate in the synthesis of prostaglandins (substances regulating tissue metabolism);
  • Necessary for the function of glands with internal secretion – thyroid, adrenal, sexual, etc.;
  • Regulate blood pressure, decrease the release of cholesterol in blood vessels and slow down the process of its formation;
  • Decrease joint pain and weakness;
  • Help regulate weight;
  • Do not allow erythrocyte agglutination and guard against cardiovascular disease such as infarct (heart attack), stroke, pulmonary embolism, perfusion disruptions (gangrene);
  • Participate in hemoglobin production;
  • Shorten the amount of regeneration time after fatigue;
  • Decrease harmfulness of the bad fatty acids by preventing agglutination;


EFA are a very important, irreplaceable part of every diet for improving health, losing weight, rejuvenation and life prolongation. Its lack causes or worsens the processes of many diseases. This is why it is good for everyone to take EFA for the purpose of balancing the diet, improving health and protecting from diseases.


EFA is a product especially valuable in solving problems such as:

  • Fatigue without apparent reasons (chronic);
  • Skin problems, problems with mucous membrane and joints – eczema, psoriasis, arthritis, etc.;
  • High cholesterol, high blood pressure, and other cardiovascular diseases (heart attack, stroke);
  • Sterility and spontaneous abortions;
  • Diseases related to disrupted cell membrane structure;
  • Premenstrual pressure, menstrual disturbances, and problems in the climacteric;
  • Problems with the immune system, recovering after exhaustive diseases, prolonged and continued stress;
  • Problems with eyesight;
  • Inflammations, allergies and autoimmune diseases;
  • Depression, neurosis, neurasthenia;
  • Slowed down growth and frequent sickness among children;
  • Thinning of hair and hair loss;
  • Liver and kidney degeneration;
  • Weakened function of glands with internal secretion;
  • Low resistance to infections, slowed healing of wounds and many others;
  • For decreasing body weight;


The recommended daily intake of FAC (Fatty Acid Complex) is 2x1 ml. With degenerative and autoimmune diseases, like for example MS, their dosage should be doubled and tripled, by dividing it in small portions, but more often, at least 5-6 times a day. The effect increases when combined with ColActive, Digestive EnzymesCoQ10 and Green Energy.

A person realizes the benefit of FAC during the first month of its use. Better and more lasting effects are obtained after a longer daily intake – at least three months. Many unexplainable, constant symptoms decrease or disappear, energy levels are heightened, skin of all mucous membranes heal, and the overall condition and confidence of a person certainly become enhanced.


The Fatty Acid Complex contains the following ingredients:

Oil from: Safflower, Sunflower, Olive, Canola (rapeseed), Flaxseed, Sesame seed, Wheat Germ, Borage, Apricot Kernel, Garlic, Carrot, DHA-rich oil from the microalgae Ulkenia sp., Evening Primrose, Raspberry, Rose Hip, Tea Tree, Pumpkin Seed, Lecithin, Hazelnut;

Extracts from: Orange & Lemon

2ml typically contain: Omega 3 - 186mg, Omega 6 - 738mg, Omega 9 - 703mg, Energy - 71KJ, 17kcal


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