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CoQ10 with Chromium and AFA – 30 Capsules

CoQ10 with Chromium and AFA – 30 Capsules


CoQ10 Complex (with Chromium and AFA) is an excellent way to more easily deal with excess weight and help sustain better health. One capsule of CoQ10 a day is recommended to everyone over 30-35 years of age. After only 2-3 months the effect is excellent – a surge of energy, better overall tonus, higher work capacity, higher resistance to infections and capacity to deal with them more easily. Read product description for more in-depth look at this amazing product!

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The Coenzyme Q10 product is recommended as nutritional prophylactics to/for/during:

- A need to strengthen the heart, muscles, immunity and nervous system;

- Diabetes Type 1 and especially Type 2;

- Periodontitis, bleeding gums, and capillary weakness;

- Everyone during viral epidemics, infections, and other ailments;

- Everyone over 30 years of age, and those who live under stress;

- People prone to gaining weight or wanting to lose weight without any risks;

- Premature aging and weakness of strength;

- Active athletes who want to improve their performance without doping;

- Fatigue, lack of sleep, tiredness after work, stress, etc.;

- Raising male potency and mobility of sperm;

- All who want to have more energy and live longer;


One capsule Coenzyme Q10/Chrom/AFA daily (30mg natural CoQ10 from plants, 200mg chromium polynicotinate and 100mg AFA) is an excellent way to more easily deal with excess weight and help sustain better health. It is good for everyone over 30-35 years of age to take one capsule of CoQ10 daily. After only 2-3 months the effect is excellent – a surge of energy, better overall tonus, higher work capacity, higher resistance to infections and capacity to deal with them more easily.


Coenzyme Q10 – the key to life

CoQ10 is a present topic of discussion in all countries and cultures with high health values. In the USA it is an official food supplement since 1992. Around 10 million Japanese use it daily. Coenzyme Q10 is also widespread all throughout Europe. Its positive effects are many: strengthens the heart muscle, raises work capacity, improves sore gums, strengthens the immune system, raises male potency, prolongs life, and acts as an antioxidant.

During the first part of our life, the liver extracts and synthesizes Coenzyme Q10 from any food. Sources of CoQ10 are meat and fish, grain foods, nuts, dark-green vegetables (spinach, broccoli), blue-green algae, soy, sesame and other polyunsaturated vegetable oils. The human organism stores reserved amounts of Coenzyme Q10 where they are most necessary. The main storage areas are the heart, liver, and immune system.

With age, the amount of CoQ10 in our cells decreases and with most people over 35-40 there is a deficit (its symptoms are lack of energy, lack of desire for physical effort, catching colds and bugs more frequently during winter time, bleeding gums, loss of libido and potency, and overall lowered vitality). Among obese people this deficit can reach up to 50%. Adding Coenzyme Q10 in these cases enhances metabolism and helps lose weight.

The heart is the first organ feeling the lack of Coenzyme Q10 and is the first to improve its function after adding CoQ10 to the diet. The connection between low Coenzyme Q10 levels and cardiovascular illnesses – stenocardia, cardiomyopathy, and high blood pressure is proven. Sometimes, heart failure could be compensated without medicaments, just eating CoQ10. That is why they call it “miracle for the heart”.

Adding Coenzyme Q10 to athletes’ diet leads to better performances and achievements, especially increased stamina and speed. During physical activities, energy reserves are spent, and it is very important for those reserves to be restored quickly. At the end of every race, on a sub-cellular level one of the most important problems is the lack of CoQ10.

The positive effect of Coenzyme Q10 on the immune system determines its anti-cancerogenic qualities. The life of cancer sick people (prostate, breast, intestinal cancer)  who take CoQ10 can be prolonged from five to fifteen years, and with some of them it is even possible to achieve full remission, especially if Coenzyme Q10 is taken in bigger dosages (around 100mg) and is combined with algae, EFA, beta-carotene, Vit. C, Vit. E.

The sustaining (prophylactic) CoQ10 doses for adults are 10-15mg, and healing doses are 30-100mg and more. For restoring its normal contents in the tissue, it is necessary to take CoQ10 in the appropriate doses from 1 to 3 months. Full restoration is achieved with prolonged Coenzyme Q10 intake.


Chromium Polynicotinate

Regardless whether you’ve ran a marathon or you’ve had a hard day at work it is precisely the chromium that helps sustain your energy. Without it, blood sugar cannot be sustained at the appropriate levels. If it is high, you end up with diabetes, if low – hypoglycemia. Its regulation comes from the hormones insulin, glucagon, and others.

Trivalent chromium has reference to the effect of insulin. The lack of this vitally important, and all too often deficit element, does not allow the body to use glucose for energy, and it starts producing energy by burning unsaturated fat. This leads to higher cholesterol levels and its build-up in the blood vessels.

Doctors speak of the so-called X Syndrome, consisting of obesity, high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes (or insulin resistance), and high cholesterol. An effective way to treat this syndrome is to take chromium-polynicotinate. Nicotinic acid acts by widening the vessels and better penetrating the medicine into the tissue.

The recommended daily intake of chromium is 50-200mg. Its intake helps burn body fat, especially in combination with intensive training. Its effectiveness for weight loss is proven, the build-up of muscle mass, raising muscle tone, regulating blood sugar and cholesterol (without side effects), and burning fat more easily.


Chromium and diabetes

Chromium is an irreplaceable cofactor of insulin – a key hormone in regulating exchange. Insulin is necessary for bringing glucose into the cells, and the chromium eases its effect by forming together with a few amino acids, the so-called glucose-tolerant factor. Simply said, GTF increases the cells’ sensitivity to insulin.

With age, the chromium content in the tissue decreases, and the frequency of Type 2 Diabetes increases. The shortage of chromium is responsible for the disturbed glucose tolerance in the organism, manifesting with raising of the blood sugar levels, presence of sugar in the urine, and insulin resistance. With Type 2 Diabetes, quite often there is insulin resistance and the consequences of chromium shortage is most serious. With people from high risk groups (with diabetes in the family), insulin resistance is discovered years before diabetes comes about. In 90% of the cases, chromium intake decreases insulin resistance, and respectively blood sugar levels.

Adding chromium to the diet of Type 2 Diabetes patients decreases blood sugar level, improves glucose tolerance, decreases the need for insulin and lowers the bad cholesterol levels and serum triglycerides (by simultaneously raising HDL – good cholesterol).

Chromium and good shape

Taking chromium improves the ratio between muscle and fatty tissue. Muscle tissue increases, and fats decrease. In practice however, that does not always mean decreasing body weight, because muscle tissue weighs more than fat.

Chromium increases burning of body fat. Athletes, bodybuilders and others, aiming to lose weight and fat, can expect a significant result from chromium polynicotinate, especially if they raise the intensity of training. Chromium polynicotinate has a proven effect for weight loss, building muscle mass and regulating glucose content.


Why AFA algae?

Since the AFA algae contain over 90 microelements and many enzymes, vitamins, and other biologically active substances, they are incredibly beneficial for regulating metabolism. Adding them supplies everything necessary for more effective operation of the other two ingredients and for the recovery of the organism.


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