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ColActive (Colostrum)

ColActive (Colostrum)


ColActive is high-quality cattle colostrum and is one of AquaSource’s fundamental products when it comes to maintaining strong immune system and overall health. Please read below for a more detailed description of its benefits.

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AquaSource offers ColActive – colostrum of particularly high quality, from healthy pasture cattle. Colostrum is a liquid released by the mammary glands of female mammals immediately after birth, before the emergence of the milk. Its formation is a lot more complicated and its components are never found in such concentrated quantities in any other natural food.


Hundreds of scientific researches and experiments prove the significant benefits of the colostrum:

-  Strengthens the immune system

-  Increases resistance to infections

-  Helps growth of children

-  Raises bone strength

-  Helps formation of strong muscles

-  Increases physical power, work capacity and endurance

-  Quickens healing of wounds or burns

-  Improves elasticity and turgor of skin

-  Decreases wrinkles and freshens up one’s outlook

-  Regenerates the nervous system and internal organs

-  Enhances emotional wellbeing and mood

-  Slows down aging, prolongs life and

-  Has a rejuvenating effect on the whole organism.


For millennia, colostrum, as the first food of mammals (man as well) has provided stability and defense during the first days of the newborn’s life, when he/she is most vulnerable. The genetic antibodies are transferred through the colostrum. It is saturated with a wide spectrum of immune-stimulants (37 natural immune factors) and many growth factors, which help the organism fight ailments and sustain optimal health.

ColActive by AquaSource is a sufficient and completely natural superfood – dried colostrum, extracted from New Zealand cattle, which guarantees high quality. New-Zealand has the cleanest climate, and the food consumed by the cattle does not contain pesticides or antibiotics. Furthermore, ColActive is not extracted from just one cow – the food factors and antibodies contained within it are gathered by the colostrum of hundreds of cows. This makes it a lot healthier for our bodies.

The Colostrum from cattle contains between 10 and 21 times more growth factors than the human one, and that is why it is much stronger. It has been proven, that it is safe and  biologically tolerable food for people – even those who are on a milk-product diet, due to  low content of lactose and other common milk substances (2 capsules ColActive contain the amount of lactose inherent in 5ml milk).


Factors contained in ColActive:

- Immunoglobulin (antibodies) – wide specter antibodies protecting the organism from   viruses and bacteria. Five groups of immunoglobulins exist in the human body and all five are inherent in ColActive;
- Lactoferrin – an especially strong antiviral and antibacterial ingredient;
- Cytokine – plays a crucial role in regulating the strength and duration of      the immune reaction and enhances it;
- Interleukin-10 – a specific substance which slows down the inflammatory processes;
- Polypeptide, rich on proline – a hormone which regulates the functions of the thymus gland and immunity;
- Oligosaccharides and glycoconjugates – do not allow the pathogenic bacteria to penetrate the stomach walls;
- Growth factor of epithelium tissue /EGF/
- Insulin-like growth factor /IGF-1/
- Transformative growth factors A&B /TGF A&B/
- Growth hormone /GH/


The last four are important growth factors which help build-up of the bone system, muscles, nerves and tissue, and also regulate blood sugar.


How to use:

The most common way of consumption is 2 capsules a day – in the morning with a glass of water, 20 minutes before breakfast. For children the daily dose is 1 capsule, but exact calculations are not necessary because ColActive is a natural product and cannot really be overdosed.

If you feel that your nose is starting to run, or you feel strain after physical activity, or simply lead an unhealthy lifestyle, dosage should be doubled. If you feel you are getting sick, combine 5 ColActive capsules with 5 Green Energy capsules three times a day for 2-3 days.


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