Super Berry Power 60 capsules

Super Berry Power 60 capsules


The product Berry Power by AquaSource contains an exceptional diversity of small, forest fruits, which have high nourishing and antioxidant qualities and provide the organism with different, vitally important nutrients. Beyond all else, this product has an astonishing antioxidant and energizing effect, as a result of the synergic effect of the combination of these selected fruits. Read product description for an in-depth look!

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Fifteen fruits in one capsule – or the power of the tiny fruits!

The product Berry Power by AquaSource contains an exceptional diversity of small, forest fruits, which have high nourishing and antioxidant qualities and provide the organism with different, vitally important nutrients.

Berry Power combines within it 15 small fruits in powder form: organic, lyophilizated maqui berry and acai berry, a mix of organic, lyophilizated forest fruits (wild black, red and blue-berries, currants, aronia, pomegranate, wild, small black grapes, morello, fruits from wild elder, as well as red, black and hybrid raspberries) and fruit from Rhammus Cathartica.

Berry Power has a well defined antioxidant activity, and is recommended for daily use as part of a healthy and nourishing life-style of eating. The product is especially appropriate for those who lead an active and stressful way of life. Berry Power is also exceptionally beneficial for those who participate in daily physical activities.


Why are those small fruits so beneficial?

The benefits of the small fruits as a necessary element of the daily food regime are well known. The State University of Oklahoma declares that “the data supports the recommendation for small fruits to be accepted as a major group of fruits for a heart-healthy diet” (March 2010).

The reasons why these fruits are considered so beneficial are their well known antioxidant qualities as well as their nutritional synergy.

We all know that our health depends on the intake of diversified and balanced foods. The World Health Organization appeals to eating different types of foods and vegetables, since all of them contain different combinations of vegetable fibers, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. This recommendation is also valid for the small fruits, which is why AquaSource’s Berry Power has so many diversified types of fruits.

Evidence shows that in order for us to optimize good health we should add antioxidant foods, and especially small fruits, to our diet.

The Berry Power product is recommended to everyone over 5 years of age as an excellent solution for including this important food group within your daily diet. It provides a wide gamut of small fruits, gathered from ecologically preserved corners of the world.

It is also recommended in combination with Antioxidant for anyone having a dynamic life under pressure, as well as those who are physically active in their daily life.


The Antioxidant Power of Fruit

Antioxidants support the organism’s protective functions by helping it deal with the oxidant molecules, popularly known as free radicals. When there is an excess of free radicals they can lead to damaging the cells in the tissue of the organism.

Antioxidants are capable of controlling and neutralizing the excess free radicals, to protect us from lethal oxidation leading to negative consequences for the eyes, joints, blood flow and heart, skin, nerve cells, the reproductive function, and genetic material.

The environment is now filled with harmful influences which are a cause of free radical formation within the organism: too much Sun exposure, pollution, tobacco smoke, cooked and processed food, alcohol, even our own organs produce them daily.

Even though our body produces different antioxidant enzymes, in order to neutralize free radicals, ensuring a daily intake of antioxidant foods enhances its protective strength.

Finnish research indicates that the intake of small fruits, rich in antioxidants, can double the levels of polyphenols (antioxidants) in the blood. The experiment has been conducted with real people, and not just in the lab, the results having been explained with the bioavailability of nutrients in these fruits.

In the year 2007 the American Department of Agriculture (USDA) developed the ORAC scale (Oxygen Radical Absorbent Capacity) for measuring the anti-oxidizing potential in different fruits and vegetables – absorption capacity for oxygen radicals. It is considered that we could use up to 5000 ORAC units per day.

On average, a person intakes only around 1000 units. Even when following the recommendation of eating 5 portions of raw fruits and vegetables per day, we hardly exceed 1750 units.

The comparison of different fruits using the ORAC scale (per-gram based) shows that our choice of fruits and vegetables matters: an apple or banana have about 20-22 units; carrot – 50; tomato – 60; broccoli – 130; and wild forest fruits about 220, while leaders in this regard until a while ago were blueberries.

The recently popularized acai fruit have long been used in Amazonia by the indigenous people. Acai, however, has not been popular anywhere else due to its fragility. Acai berry has an ORAC capacity of over 350!

Because of the need for full quality foods, the search for new and untouched food sources on our planet continues. Only about 2-3 years ago, the newfound superfood – maqui berry became popular, and it has twice the ORAC capacity of the acai berry (820). In Patagonia, South America, the mapuche Native Americans consume maqui berry as medicine and protection. It was announced as the superfood of the planet for 2009 and is among the first 3 most wholesome and valued foods on Earth.

In the Berry Power product by AquaSource, the most high-valued small fruits, according to the ORAC scale are combined in synergy – black and blue berries, raspberries, black elder, currant, aronia, pomegranate, wild black grape, wild cherries, etc., and especially, the exotic jungle fruits acai and maqui berry.

Besides valuable and absorbable nutrients, Berry Power has an incredibly high content of natural phytochemical substances, which give plants color and aroma, and in fact are their immune system, protecting them from radiation and disease. Wild small fruits are food for effective strengthening of our immune system!


Food contents of the organic plants

The fruits in the Berry Power product by AquaSource are gathered from organically grown local plants (with the exception of Rhamnus Cathartica). It is proven that there is a possibility for the wild-growing plants to even have twice as much natural mineral content compared to naturalized types.


Lyophilization as a method of drying

Small fruits are probably among the richest in nutritional content fruits, but the way in which these nutrients are contained is also important. Many of these fruits are most-ripe only during specific periods of the year. That is why it is important to have them gathered and stored during that time. Furthermore, some small fruits lose part of their beneficial qualities soon after they have been picked, which necessitates them being processed as quickly as possible.

Lyophilization represents drying through freezing, which allows the nutrients to be preserved and can thus be used throughout the whole year. It is even proven that in some cases the nutritional levels of a lyophilizated portion of small fruits could be higher than the fresh one…


Product usage:

Begin with 3 capsules per day together with meals. If necessary, you can increase the capsules up to 6.

For children (over 5 years of age) – 1 capsule per day.



Three capsules of AquaSource Berry Power contain:

- Lyophilizated maqui berry powder – 480mg
- Lyophilizated acai berry powder – 315mg
- Fruit from Rhamnus Cathartica powder – 300mg
- Lyophilizated forest fruit (a mix of wild black, red and blue berries, currant, aronia, pomegranate, wild small black grape, morello, fruits from wild elder, as well as red, black and hybrid raspberries) – 315mg

Capsule: Vegetable cellulose


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