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Antioxidant with Pycnogenol

Antioxidant with Pycnogenol


This is perhaps the best complex of powerful and natural antioxidants to be found on the market today. Read below to find out why and what it contains!

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Antioxidants are of vital importance in today’s polluted and breathless world. Many scientists believe, that their regular intake can prolong life with 20-30 years and enhance its quality. This is due to their ability to neutralize free radicals (strongly reactive molecules, which harm the structure and function of living cells).


Build-up of free radicals is a chain cell disturbance and leads to degeneration, aging and illness, even cancer. Free radicals cause harm to the cell in at least three ways:

1. Destruction of the cell wall, leading to death of the cell;

2. Damaging of cellular organelles, leading to lowered vitality, different diseases and premature aging due to cellular hypo and disfunction;

3. Damaging of DNA in the nucleus, leading to serious problems in decoding genetic information and possibly malignant degeneration (cancer);


The body has its own antioxidants, but they aren’t always enough to deal with the burdening environment and with the constantly increasing negative factors. The main sources of free radicals are solar energy (because of the ozone hole), pollution, pesticides, smoking, some medicines (especially chemo therapy), airplane flights in high altitudes, high stress, etc.


The Super Antioxidant protects all cells from degeneration and is incredibly beneficial for:

- Active or passive smokers;

- Regular to high daily exposure to polluted air – automobile gases, working in an environment with high toxin concentration, etc.;

- Exposure to chemicals or radiation;

- Over exposure to sunlight;

- Heightened risk of cardiovascular, liver, degenerative and cancer ailments;

- Prophylactics for anyone who wants to slow down the aging process and sustain a good condition of the organism after 35-40 years of age;

- During the first trimester of pregnancy for the purpose of lowering the danger of inborn anomalies;

- Sustaining a young, healthy, elastic and good-looking skin and decreasing wrinkles;

- Protecting against varicose veins and slowing down its development, if it has already appeared;


Synergy – the whole is more than the sum of its parts

The Super Antioxidant by AquaSource is a powerful combination of a few ingredients, selected after careful research. Each one of them alone has a positive effect on the organism, but by combining them, their effect is geared up even more. From a wholisitic medical point of view, this product is especially interesting with that it also brings in the human organism harmonically selected substances from different energy centres and zones of our planet. Let us see what they are:



Pycnogenol is a natural substance, discovered during the 16th century. First records of its effect are related to sailors from Captain Jacques Cartier’s crew. All of them were heavily ill with scurvy after continuous sailing and close to dying. Following the advice of a Native American, they were miraculously healed by infusing the bark of some local trees.

From all known different sources of pycnogenol, the one considered best is the extract from a species of coastal pine (Pinus Maritimus, Pinus Pinaster), which grows in Southern France. In it are contained over 40 different biologically active substances, mostly bioflavonoids and proanthocyanidins.

Observations during the last 400 years indicate that pycnogenol is completely harmless and has an astoundingly positive influence on health. It is used all throughout Europe and is famous as “the food of youth”, due to its capability to strengthen collagen and elastin – the main components of the skin, joints and blood vessels. Many progressive doctors in the USA and Canada have begun recommending it.

(Similar pycnogenol-like substances are contained within grape seeds. That is why a moderate quantity of wine is recommended for the prophylactics of some vascular ailments.)

Pycnogenol is water soluble and is absorbed very well by the organism. Once in the body, it remains active for 72 hours. It has been established that as an antioxidant, it is 20 times better than Vitamin C and 50 times better than Vitamin E.

Enzymes participate in converting cancer-causing chemicals. Flavonoids, on the other hand, can get involved in the activity of these enzymes and thus have a positive effect. Besides protecting from cancer, flavonoids can be beneficial during cancer treatment in the advanced stages.

This specific combination of biologically active substances can help us enjoy a longer life, as well as a healthier, good quality life, looking younger. It can help us protect ourselves from over eighty diseases, including cancer, heart disease, arthritis, and most of the other non-microbe caused ailments, related to harmful chemical influences of free radicals.

Numerous studies prove that intake through the mouth of certain flavonoids slows to a large extent the growth of cancer formations of lab animals. Pycnogenol is a powerful antioxidant, brooming free radicals, and is probably the main candidate for future research regarding cancer prophylactics.

Pycnogenol lowers, much more effectively than Vitamin E, the damage done to the tissues by the free radicals. Just like Vitamin C it has a positive health influence on the brain and protects nerve cells through its unique ability to go through the blood-liquor barrier. Besides that, it decreases inflammation, enhances blood flow and relieves the condition of diabetes, arthritis and stroke patients and protects from cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

Pycnogenol improves peripheral blood flow and restores activity of the capillaries and blood vessels. It also stabilizes red blood cells and sustains their elasticity; strengthens the weak blood vessels by stabilizing collagen and elastin, and as a result protects from microhemorrhages.

It has been known for a while, that the strength of the capillaries, amongst those suffering from high blood pressure, weakens to pathological levels. If hypertension is combined with capillary weakness, the probability of strokes and retina hemorrhages significantly raises. High blood pressure by itself does not cause puncturing blood vessels, this happens due to their lowered resistance and heightened permeability. The capillary resistance can also be normalized through a regular intake of pycnogenol.

Pycnogenol is incredibly important for brain functions, not only because it protects the blood vessels, but also because it is one of the few antioxidants taken through the mouth, which pass through the blood-liquor barrier with an ease, to protect brain cells. Researchers are of the opinion that it enhances the “slow and disobliging” memory, because it positively effects blood flow and cellular nourishment.


Here are some of the observed positive influences of pycnogenol so far:

- Lowers cancer risk, cardiovascular illnesses, arthritis, premature aging;
- Rejuvenates and strengthens skin by enhancing its smoothness and elasticity;
- Decreases allergies (especially effective against hay fever, psoriasis and sun-inflicted damages)
- Has a positive effect on blood flow (works anti-inflammatory, strengthens capillaries, veins and arteries and makes them more enduring of injuries);
- Relieves varicose veins, leg swelling and chronic vein deficiency, lowers the risk of fleabitis, swelling and inflammations;
- Prevents and/or helps recovery after heart attacks and strokes;
- Positive influence on joints (enhances their flexibility, lowers the pain in swollen joints and the negative consequences of sports injuries);
- Helps the healing process of ulcers;
- Raises the vitality of all cells, decreases the consequences of stress, enhances the immune system;
- Enhances eyesight and memory;
- Decreases the complications of diabetes (angiopathy)
- Relieves hay fever, asthma, chronic fatigue, etc.;
- Protects the organism from aging, degeneration, and cancer;


Allergies, histamine and pycnogenol

That, which many doctors and researchers from Finland, Germany, France, Holland, Great Britain and other European countries recommend in the first place for hay fever and allergies related to it is pycnogenol, because it seems to be most effective and give the least possible side-effects. Particularly with regards to hay fever, they think that it is especially effective, safer and cheaper than most synthetic drugs.

The damage inflicted by free radicals is a major contributing factor to the dysfunctions of the immune system. Pycnogenol helps recover these functions. The activity of immune cells can be recovered or increased with its help. By taking pycnogenol the amount of white blood cells increases.

Pycnogenol passes through the blood-liquor barrier and protects the brain in a number of ways: lowers free radical damage; enhances neuron resistance to hypoxia; strengthens the small blood vessels and betters blood perfusion; decreases inflammation proportionally to dosage intake.

It is especially important that pycnogenol strengthens the blood-liquor barrier itself and in this way inhibits the passage of leukocytes and antibodies in the brain tissue. This leads to lowering the autoimmune processes – one main disruptive mechanism with MS.

For MS sick patients the combination of Antioxidant, AFA, and essential fatty acids gives hope for lowering the damage of the disease, and recuperation of many functions as a result of the better nourishment of the brain. A big advantage is the harmlessness and the many other beneficial effects on the organism as a whole.


Disrupted concentration and over-activity

Pycnogenol has a positive effect because it neutralizes the damaging effects of the free radicals whilst still in the blood flow, before they attack, irritate or inflame the cells of the nervous system.

This leads to the following results:

- Overall calming effect;
- Significantly raised attention span and ability for mental concentration over a current problem or task;
- Lowered impulsiveness in behavior;
- Lowered aggression;
- Subjective sensation of psychical comfort;
- More control over thoughts;


Ginkgo Biloba

This is the oldest tree on Earth and has been around in the planet's flora for over 200 000 years. Its name comes from the shape of its leaves, which are binary. Fossils are discovered during excavations of ancient layers in Europe and America. 10 000 years ago, during one of the last icings, its deposits have significantly decreased. More of it is left in China and Japan – there they call it “Tree of Health” and have been using it for over 5000 years. From there it has again spread throughout the world and is now to be found everywhere. Ginkgo has affirmed itself as one of the most perspective antioxidants, because it neutralizes free radicals and absorbs some toxic chemicals which could otherwise damage DNA and cellular organelles.

Ginkgo Biloba is especially beneficial for the small blood vessels – from it they become strong and elastic. This is due to the underlined positive effect on the cell membranes and connective tissue.

At the same time, Ginkgo Biloba enhances the strength and elasticity of erythrocytes and eases their passage through the capillaries. This enhances blood flow in the brain, limbs and everywhere, where the capillaries are tight, pressed or curved, like for example in the eyes, inner ear, damaged sections of the brain and heart, etc.

It is used as prophylactic treatment of brain and peripheral blood flow insufficiency, disruptions of concentration and memory, absent-mindedness, confusion, vertigo, dizziness, lack of energy, fatigue, depression, dementia, ear noise, migraine, asthma, atherosclerosis, headaches, and many others. It can improve the conditions of people after heart attacks and strokes, angina pectoris, diabetes microangiopathy, Raynaud syndrome, Alzheimer’s disease, etc.

The active ingredients are called Ginkgo-flavon-glycosides. If they are used independently the Ginkgo Biloba extracts have to contain 24% of these glycosides and to be taken three times a day of 40mg, 120mg altogether. Smaller dosages are not that effective.


Green Tea

Green tea contains chemical substances, called polyphenols, which are also powerful antioxidants. At the same time, it contains half the amount of caffeine of coffee. It is established that people who drink 5 cups of green tea daily increase vitality and become more resistant to illnesses, including cancer, heart attacks and strokes, teeth cavities, gum disease, etc. Besides this, its usage normalizes cholesterol and helps prevent bad breath.



From the seeds of this plant is produced silymarin – an established hepatoprotector, which helps liver cells restore and stabilize their membranes. It is proven that this herb enhances the liver’s ability to cleanse the blood and protects it from the harmful effects of drugs, pesticides, bacterial and other toxins entering the organism through food, water and air.

Thistle is used to treat hepatitis, cirrhosis and other liver diseases. Its effect however, is much better when used by healthy people for the purpose of prophylactics. The liver, as the largest and most important chemical laboratory in the organism, needs some help for it to do its job best. Unfortunately, quite often, instead of help it receives overload, which creates an environment for bad health. In such cases, immediate measures must be taken like regulating diet together with taking specialized supplements/superfoods (hepatoprotectors).



Everyone knows that blueberries are good for eyesight because they are rich on vitamins. It is doubtful, however, that we take into account their true power.

If you like mountains, you know how powerful their energy is. Imagine, that just for one day, you undertake to experiment and lie naked all day and all night somewhere around 2000m above sea level. After that, you will most likely need emergency assistance due to heavy sunburn, dehydration and cold.

How then do blueberries survive in these conditions, and how do they survive through the winter? This seems to be owed to unusual characteristics of theirs and it is worth exploring their power.


Wheat Germ

They are rich on phytohormones, enzymes, vitamins, proteins and natural antioxidants. Without a doubt, they are very beneficial for health – wheat germ, together with microalgae, symbolize the self-renewal of life. Those are the two plants connected with the Sun in an incredible, unique way. Their combination marks the beginning of a new phase in our relationship to our health and life – one very promising new beginning!


From all said so far, it becomes clear that the Super Antioxidant by AquaSource reasonably has a claim for the number one position within similar products. This is owed to its especially good content – pycnogenol, Ginkgo Biloba, Green Tea, Wheat Germs (an extract of approximately 1kg ecologically grown wheat), blueberries, thistle and two types of algae – Klamath Lake algae AFA and red Dunaliella salina (with large quantities of beta-carotene).

This product combines the powerful antioxidant effect of pycnogenol with the favorable influence of the microcirculation from the side of the Ginkgo Biloba, the stimulating impact on the liver from the thistle, and the overall rejuvenating effect of the Green Tea. At the same time, the wheat germs, herbs and algae, provide a rich influx of vitally important food nutrients. Daily intake provides conditions for sustaining wonderful health.

Some ingredients of the Antioxidant can be found separately and are independently used for treatment and prophylactics of certain ailments. Their combination however is recommended, especially for clinically healthy people, because this way, the same effect is gained with smaller dosages, and their effect is more wholesome.

Nobody is completely healthy and everyone has a certain need to help one function of the body or another – this is why one wide-spectrum product with overall effects is preferred, especially if one doesn’t pay special attention to his/her lifestyle and way of eating. What’s more, is that all of these ingredients not only have antioxidant effect, they are herbs with powerful prophylactic and regenerative effect, which is owed to all kinds of different mechanisms at work and is patented by Nature itself!



2 capsules a day
*Strongly Recommended to smokers and people who drink alcohol regularly.


1 capsule contains:

Wheat germ – 280mg,

AFA – 40mg,

Blueberry extract 4:1 – 15mg,

Duneliella Salina (out of which 0.7mg is betacarotene) – 10mg,

Green Tea – 10mg,

Ginkgo Biloba extract 8:1 – 10mg,

Pycnogenol – 20mg,

Thistle – 10mg,

Natural Vitamin E – 8,2mg,

Capsule – pure gelatin – 100mg.


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