Purchase your favorite products with Bitcoin

We at AquaSource have always tried to keep up with trends not only in healthcare and in cosmetics but in technologies as well. That is why we are proud to announce that from now on we support Bitcoin payments. We know that there are many cryptocurrency lovers among our customers, so this is our gift for them.

In brief, Bitcoin is the first and still the most used cryptocurrency. It acts as a form of digital money but has several advantages over traditional online payments. Paying with Bitcoin feels just like paying with Visa or PayPal but the difference is that the transactions settle almost instantly. Furthermore, cryptocurrency transactions have much lower fees compared to wire transfers or other electronic payments. Simply said, you pay faster and cheaper.

Every transaction is processed by Coingate, a renowned company in the field of crypto finance. Try to think of it as the crypto version of PayPal. It automatically exchanges the product’s price from fiat to Bitcoin, according to the current daily rate.

We hope that you, our customers, would appreciate this innovative step. Our goal has always been to provide the best experience possible. In an effort to achieve that, we decided to integrate Bitcoin payments and make checkouts convenient as never before.

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