What is Manuka oil and why use it?

What is Manuka oil and why use it?

Did you read our previous article discussing the benefits of Manuka honey?

If the answer is yes, you already know that this magical honey coming from New Zealand and Australia is famous for its antibacterial, skin hydration, and anti-aging qualities, among others.

But today we are about to talk about Manuka oil – another powerful product coming from the nectar of the Manuca tree that grows in New Zealand and Australia.

What is Manuka oil?

The essential Manuka oil is different from the Manuka honey because it is made by humans, through the steam destillation of the leaves, branches and other parts of the three.

So, is this Manuka product having similar benefits to Manuka honey? Read on to learn more.

Manuka oil benefits

Let`s explore the benefits of Manuka oil that are very similar to those of Manuka honey. Research teams from around the world have studied the subject and while not all of those studies are conclusively proven, it is claimed that manuka oil can have the following benefits:

1. Reduces UV skin damage and wrinkles

A study conducted in South Korea applied Manuka oil to hairless mice to treat their skin and found that it helped reduce the average length, depth and percentage of wrinkles.

2. Antibacterial properties

Research made in Italy said that Manuka oil was one of the most effective when it comes to treating strains of Staphulococcus aureus bacteria that causes staph infections. This means that just as Manuka honey, Manuka oil has strong antibacterial properties that are said to be ranked second in a test of 14 different oils, the first place being taken by oregano oil.

3. Assists wound healing

As we learned in the previous paragraph, Manuka honey and Manuka oil have antibacterial properties. It is maybe worth noting that these properties may be used to treat burns and wounds. Studies that has been done recently say that Manuka products can help repair skin by stimulating human dermal fibroblasts. In other words, Manuka hones as well as acacia and buckwheat honeys can promote wound closure. Manuka didn`t work so well as the other two types of honey but it assisted wound closure with about 50% as opposed if the wound was untreated.

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If you want to explore more research into Manuka oil`s benefits, check out this article.

Summing it up, Manuka oil and Manuka honey have some proven benefits and probably many to be discovered by science. Why not benefiting from these natural products?

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