The benefits of Manuka honey

The Benefits of Manuka Honey

The benefits of Manuka honey have long been popular in New Zealand and Australia and it’s only recently that this magical honey gained worldwide popularity. You’ve probably heard about Manuka and its healing effects but in case you haven’t, this article might be helpful.

Just like any other honey, bees produce Manuka honey. The only difference is that they pollinate the flowers of the Manuka tree, native to New Zealand. While it is true that all sorts of honey have antibacterial effects it is also true that the antibacterial ingredients in Manuka honey are found in much greater quantities. In other words, Manuka honey has plenty of healthy applications. What is even cooler about it is that you can both eat it and use it in cosmetics. In this article, we will outline some of the ways Manuka honey can make your skin healthier.

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Skin hydration

When applied to your skin, Manuka honey draws moisture in and retains it in the pores. Manuka adds just the exact amount of moisture your skin needs without congesting it. We all know how it feels to have dry skin, how easy it gets irritated and how unhealthy it looks. Manuka honey has proved over time that it acts as a natural humectant. Moreover, it feeds your skin cells with a variety of important minerals and vitamins.


Though it is impossible to have the skin of a 20-year old, it is possible to slow down the aging process. Thanks to its moisturizing abilities, Manuka makes your skin hydrated but not oily. Moreover, it encourages cells to produce collagen, a protein that keeps our skin elastic and firm. As we age our cells produce less collagen, thankfully cosmetics containing Manuka honey can fix that. Furthermore, free radicals damage skin cells but yet again Manuka honey fights that thanks to its antioxidant abilities.

Fighting acne

Generally, Manuka honey is antibacterial substance, meaning it can effectively destroy the bacteria causing acne and red skin. For best results, it is advisable to apply Manuka honey as a mask and let your skin absorb the active ingredients and nutrients from the honey.

Healing wounds and sunburn

The native people in New Zealand and Australia have been using Manuka honey for centuries to heal their wounds. Since honey is antibacterial, it prevents the open wounds from infections caused by bacteria. This is why wounds heal faster. You can also apply Manuka honey when your skin is sunburned. It quickly soothes the inflammation and the redness while moisturizing the dehydrated skin cells.

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