Why do we sweat?

Why do we sweat?

Summer is here. It`s time for cold beers, delicious ice-creams and seaside vacations. But summer in the city is also about long sweaty trips with the public transport.

So, what makes us sweat and why? You may be familiar with the main reasons – from cardio intensive exercise to eating spicy foods and stress. But how is it happening and what`s the purpose of sweating?

TedEd`s animation might give you some answers:

How does it works?

Basically, the water in sweat absorbs your body`s heat energy and then evaporates off of you when it reaches the surface. This is a process known as evarporative cooling aims to lower your temperature.

It was an important adaptation for our ancestors that we inherited to respond to increased heat.

When do we sweat?

You may have noticed you sweat when you do sports or in stressful situations like a job interview or a date.

Sweating occurs in other situations like when you are sick. High fever is a protective mechanism that helps your body less habitable for infectious agents, as TedEd explains.

Stay hydrated

When you feel better or you finished your sport training, your body often signals you need water. Compensating for the water loss is essential, especially in summer. Here`s what happens if you didn`t drink water:

Prepare for some sweet summer sweat, but make sure you refuel with enough water. Your body will feel the difference!

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