Hormones: how do they work?

Hormones: how do they work?

Have you ever wondered why we experience puberty and grow up? What allows most of us to have kids? Why some women feel nervous or sad during their menstruation period?

These and many other questions may be explained with the way hormones work. Our endocrine system works hard to regulate different processes in our bodies, ranging from the normal rhythm of your heartbeat to your sleep and reproduction. But, how does it work exactly, and what's the role of hormones?

Emma Bryce narrates the exciting story of hormones in the video published on TedEd`s platform. Check it out to learn how do hormones work:

Are hormones affecting our mood and behavior?

Seems like hormones exercise some influence on our behavior and mood.

angry woman with steam coming out from her ears

Hormones: how do they work?

Do you think that hormones are responsible for our behavior or it`s a rather complex interaction between these peculiar chemicals, and the social environment?

happy woman

In any way, one thing is sure: the hormonal balance in our body is very important. Make sure you take care of it!

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