CoQ10 – Our Immune System, Aging and Maintenance of Ideal Weight and Energy

CoQ10 and Our Immune System

“We are as young as our immune system is” says Dr. Hunt. It is responsible for all health problems from the common cold and allergies to cancer and AIDS. The intake of 60mg CoQ10 daily is a secure way to strengthen our immune system because it provides energy for its functioning. Coenzyme Q10 raises the immunity cells’ competence so as to basically do their job better. The activity of macrophages is raised, cellular and humoral immunity is enhanced as well as bacterial, fungal and viral resistance. Artificial tumors caused in mice indicate shrinking.

CoQ10 has no side effects. Used in conjunction with the chemotherapeutic adriamycin, coenzyme q10 shrinks its side effects related to weakening of the heart muscle.

CoQ10 and Aging

In the beginning of the 21st century there are about a few hundred million people over 65 years of age and the average life-span is increasing towards 82 years of age. There exists an opportunity to prolong the active, creative period of a person through incorporating coenzyme q10, growth factors and superfoods. In this way we can achieve rejuvenation and strengthening of our immune system. It is precisely its endurance that often determines which people age less than others.

Aging accelerates when CoQ10 deficiency is present. According to Dr. Hunt, death comes after dangerous decreasing of coenzyme Q10 levels and not just aging. Conducted experiments on mice indicate that CoQ10 prolongs their life with up to 50%. The mice which were given coenzyme Q10 ended up living up to 150 weeks per average or approximately 140 human years.

Most foods contain very small quantities of CoQ10. Its additional intake is of benefit to anyone and it might just turn out that coenzyme Q10 is the spring of eternal youth! On the other hand, CoQ10 is also an antioxidant which can release or take oxygen according to the needs. It safeguards cells from free radicals and helps maintain optimal oxygen levels in our tissue. The intake of coenzyme q10 helps us maintain both our antioxidant and bioenergetic functions.

CoQ10, Weight and Energy

The more obese people generally have about 50% coenzyme q10 deficiency and sometimes even more. In those cases, its addition enhances metabolism and leads to decreasing weight. This can help at least half the people struggling with overweight.

A group of obese people was divided in two: ones with CoQ10 deficiency and ones without. The participants in both subgroups underwent the same diet with the addition of a 100mg coenzyme q10 daily. After 8 weeks, the people with CoQ10 deficiency lost about 7kg of weight, whereas the ones without the deficiency lost less than 3kg.

The combination of coenzyme Q10 with chromium further helps the problem with weight. This combination is very efficacious because chromium lowers our desires for sugar.

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