How to lose weight easily and most importantly retain the results

We offer two programmess: programme LIGHT and programme MAX

Programme Light is only related to using Lighten-Up and programme Max includes following a particular food diet.


Programme Light – substitute one meal with Lighten-Up

Take two spoons of Lighten-Up mixed in juice, water, or mixed with 250 grams of yogurt. You can add pieces of fruit to the mixture; We personally enjoy it very much with peaches.

This is done once daily during breakfast, lunch, or dinner and nothing else is eaten during that time. You eat as usual for the other two meals.


Programme Max


1 boiled egg, 5 olives, fat-free milk, fruit or herbal tea. 1 slice of wholeseed bread or 150 grams of porridge, wheat germ, muesli; fruit.


 Lighten-Up, mixed with 250 grams of yogurt, water or fruit juice and 2 spoons of the product. You can add fruit for taste.


Stewed vegetables; legumes (green or ripe, lentils, peas), soup; freshly cooked salads; fruits; cheese or fat-free milk; If you eat meat, it shouldn’t be fatty, boiled or roasted (fish, poultry).


Mandatory things to completely avoid eating:

-          Sugar, jam, chocolate, ice cream, pastry. You can eat small amounts of honey, but only as a last resort;

-          Refined carbohydrates – white bread and fine baked goods, spaghetti, pasta, noodles;

-          Any combination of carbohydrates and fats such as fries, chips, roasted or fried nuts;

-          Beer, large quantities of alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages (contain a lot of calories)

It is important to drink at least 1.5-2 litres of pure water daily.

It is also wise to provide enough time for physical activity and sleep.

P.S.:  The amount of kilograms lost is individual. It could reach from 1 up to 3-4 kg for 10 days when going on programme MAX.