Why your digestion needs bifidus?

Why your digestion needs bifidus?

You may have heard about the bifidus bacteria that is also known as Bifidobacterium. But did you know that this “good bacteria” might help regulate your digestive system?

We have already spoken about the benefits of probiotics that are not to be underestimated. Bifidus is a species of probiotics that is a natural part of the microflora in a healthy digestive system.
When this microflora is being negatively impacted by antibiotic treatment or excessive alcohol consumption, among other factors, this may lead to unpleasant side effects like diarrhea or constipation. To avoid that and drive harmful bacteria away, make sure you nourish your body with enough probiotics like bifidus.

Here`s 3 reasons why you should include bifidus in your diet, according to research cited by Healthline:

3 reasons why your digestion needs bifidus

1. Boost your immune system

Some studies say probiotics like bifidus can strenghten your immune system.

2. Prevent constipation

Constipation can be awfully unpleasant, but a research from 2007 suggests that bifidus can be an effective prevention that improves bowel regularity.

3. Prevent diarrhea

Have you ever experienced some of the nasty side effects of an antibiotic treatment? If yes, you probably know that antibiotics can kill the good and the bad bacteria in your gut, causing diarrhea. But there is a solution. Taking probiotics like bifidus two hours before or after taking antibiotics has proven to be an effective prevention against it.
Seems reasonable to upgrade your diet with more probiotics? Eat more yogurt, fermented foods or take supplements containing bifidus and other probiotics like acidophilius. Show your digestive system some care and it will thank you! 🙂
Remember: Follow the intake instructions and consult with a doctor beforehand.

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