The Hidden Power of Seed (intro to EFA)

Every year, during the cold and under the snow, even in the farthest polar regions life does not cease to exist. The small seeds in which life is hidden are made up in such a way so as to carry it preserved to spring without problems. The major reason for this is owed to the polyunsaturated fatty acids contained within them which are not afraid even of the harshest cold!

Wise Nature has concentrated tremendous vital force in the seeds of plants. And when at Spring time the soil melts and the earth is filled with vital moisture then begins the new cycle of life.

Almost everyone today knows how beneficial for health it is to eat raw and saturated nuts and seeds as well as fresh sprouts. Even though they contain many and different beneficial ingredients, without a doubt the biggest strength of these foods is indeed owed to the mono and polyunsaturated fatty acids which they provide. They are called essential (EFA) because we cannot produce them ourselves yet me must consume them every day. However, there is one big problem.

Disconnected from nature, people in cities eat less and less good quality, raw and fresh vegetable oils. Layover, contact with oxygen and light, and processing (especially cooking above 40-50° C) quickly destroy EFA. Their deficiency leads to all kinds of diseases and health conditions because the cellular structure changes and cannot regulate metabolism at tissue and cellular levels. Or putting it simply, without EFA we are lost…

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