Preserving Youthfulness

Youthfulness has at least two aspects – biological and cosmetic, or internal and external. To be young and to look young is wonderful. And as far as this is not a problem for the 20 year olds but as the years go by each one of us begins to think about this. At 30-35 the latest we should realize that if we don’t do something about it, youth starts to slip away!

Skin is the first telltale of age. It takes on lots of hits due to its exposure to all environmental influences. This is why each person who wants to looks young has to take care of their skin. It needs cleanliness but not simply in the sense of frequent showering. Even more important is the right diet and the protection from the maleficent influence of free radicals.

Skin freshness and elasticity depend on good blood circulation and the quality of collagen and elastin within it. Since they get damaged by free radicals the frequent intake of sufficient quantities of Antioxidant can turn out to be one of our winning moves towards the battle with aging. It also enhances the condition of the vessels and the strength of the connective tissue. Its effect is better looking skin, less varicose veins, less bags under the eyes, tighter and more elastic skin.

Same goes for women’s bust – taking antioxidants is one of the few efficacious ways of keeping it tighter. Naturally, exercise is also important but the actual mammary glands do not have muscle fibers and their tightness is determined solely by the connective tissue which in turn gets damages by the free radicals.

As far as nourishment and energizing of the organism goes, if you, dear readers are convinced by what you’ve read so far regarding the qualities of algae as a superfood, there’s nothing left for me but to offer you a complete course for detoxifying, revitalizing and rejuvenating. Begin with Star Easy ProgrammeColActive and Fatty Acid Complex and then continue with Lighten-Up!CoQ10 with Chromium and AFAGreen Energy, ColActive and Antioxidant.

Enthused by the idea of eating algae and colostrum be careful not to underestimate the essential fatty acids (EFA/FAC)! I keep reminding many times that without EFA health cannot be sustained nor can youthfulness. I personally think that every person needs a daily intake of algae, colostrum and EFA regardless of their age. Even if you are feeling like superman or Miss Universe it is better to include these simple miracles in your life – the difference will soon be apparent and you will be very glad!

Dr. Peter Naydenov

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