Levels of Health

This material is from Peter Naydenov’s latest book “Health without drugs”

According to George Vithoulkas there exist 12 levels of health. People are divided into 4 groups each of which has 3 levels – higher (healthiest), middle and lower (most fragile). He has dedicated a book of 300 pages on this subject! The basic idea is that when a person is being treated, his level of health should determine the type of treatment as well as prognostication – how much can that person be helped.

Without getting into details I will try and explain the main points of this useful idea.

People are divided into healthy and chronically ill.

Healthy are the people from the first two groups: Group 1 – those who do not get ill or get ill very rarely and self-heal without and medicines; and Group 2 – those who get ill more often and get better through medicines/drugs, most often antibiotics. These people have a strong organism and during acute infections increase temperature over 38-39°C which means their immune system is functioning well.

Under the other two groups fall those with weaker health and with all kinds of chronic illnesses. What is characteristic of them is that during acute infections they lack the strength to react with raising temperature levels (it hardly goes above 37,5°C). In Group 3 are those that can be healed and in Group 4 those that cannot.

The Level of Health inside a group could vary relatively easily with according to treatment, eating and lifestyle. That is why one sometimes feels good, sometimes not so good, but all within some framework (according to what Group the individual belongs to). This explains the changes in health and confidence related to the seasons of the year and circumstances of life.

It is harder, however, for one to go from one Group to another. Passing into a lower level Group happens when health is severely worsened due to inappropriate allopathic treatment (repressing symptoms), surgeries, traumas and overworking, natural disasters, stress, radiation, toxins, etc. Passing to a higher level Group happens after extensive and systematic appropriate holistic treatment, such as for example homeopathy.

It is hardest to pass from Group 4 to Group 3 (i.e. from untreatable to treatable) and from Group 3 to Group 2 (i.e. from chronically ill to relatively healthy). This more or less is considered miraculous in traditional medicine and requires a high level of competency with regard to the healer and a lot of discipline from the patient,

Why is it important for you to know this?

There are children who barely remain at the lower levels of Group 1 or Group 2. Every following vaccine or antibiotic treatment can tie them to a lower group of health and when such treatment occurs often they can become chronically ill. In this way their chances for a better life and a healthy offspring severely decrease. Because they feed and treat improperly some children have fallen from Group 1 to the higher levels of Group 2 and there is always something missing for them to go back to Group 1. Between such children the regular intake of AquaSource superfoods, following this book’s advice and the proper holistic treatment can help them more easily recover and return to optimal states of health.

There are a lot of people, especially elderly, that are in such bad health that they have passed to Group 3 or even Group 4 – i.e. they haven’t had high temperature in years, but that doesn’t mean they are booming with energy and are healthy. When they start taking the AquaSource suoerfoods these people can develop a cleansing (detoxing) reaction or the so-called “treatment crisis” because they are raising to a higher level within the same group. They can then get runny nose, cough, rashes and secretions, through which their organism, figuratively speaking, is trying to throw out the illness. If they do not understand that they usually get frightened and blame it on the superfoods. When it is explained what is happening they are more able to wait through this period after which their health will most certainly improve.

Albeit rarely, thanks to the superfoods the vital force can be so strengthened as to raise the organism from Group 3 to Group 2. Then, after some time that the individual has been eating the AquaSource products he/she begins raising temperature levels to 39° or more, even though that hasn’t happened for years! Usually this is accompanied by a cold, secretion cough, fatigue and intoxication (because the cells release years of built-up toxins). From the standpoint of conventional medicine this can be called bronchitis or even pneumonia, but from a holistic perspective this is the desired effect. Unfortunately, few are those that withhold from reaching for the antibiotics at that moment – and in result they again return to the lower group.

The biggest advantage of the AquaSource products when taken as part of a holistic system of improving health is that they increase our chances of passing to a higher group of health. If you haven’t had a temperature in years perhaps you are in Group 1 (you always have an abundance of energy and are in great shape which is why illnesses pass you by); but it is quite likely that to be part of Group 3 and just lack the necessary strength to raise temperature. And if you get lucky and the thermometer shows 39°C after eating the superfoods don’t make the mistake of reaching for the antibiotics. Better to find a qualified homeopath – if he prescribes to you an appropriate treatment, not only will you get treated but you could also remain in a higher level of health which automatically increases potential life span.”

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