If your toilet could speak – What your poop says about your health?

If your toilet could speak - What your poop says about your health?

Some might find it hilarious but this topic is more on the serious side. True, it is not the most pleasant thing to discuss but at the same time, your stool reveals more about your health than you think. Since everyone poops now and then, we think it is important to share with you some valuable information on the matter.
Poops come all in different sizes, shapes, and even colors. Believe or not the Bristol Royal Infirmary has its own poop chart, also known as Bristol Stool Chart.

What about stool shape?

If your stool looks like types 3 and 4 then your digestion is perfectly fine. The best stool comes out easily and regularly. You can recognize it by its smell, which reminds more of ripe fruits and not something extraordinarily terrible. Plus, it doesn't require endless wiping. In fact, a single wipe is usually more than enough.
On the other hand, type 1 and 2 suggest that you might be actually suffering from mild to severe constipation. These types of stool are usually hard to pass and require adequate treatment. For example, try to add more magnesium to your diet either through magnesium-rich fruits like bananas or through food supplements. The idea is that magnesium makes your stool absorb more water, meaning they will get softer and eventually pass easier. If your condition doesn't change within two days, consult your physician.
Loose, soft or liquid stool should sound the alarm in your head, as the odds are you are suffering from diarrhea. This may be due to the intake of medicine, bacterial infection or it could be that your diet is well too rich in fibers. The easiest solution is sticking up to tannins-rich foods like rice, apples, tea, and toast. Tannins tend to harden your stool, thus improving the movement of your bowels.
Often constipation and diarrhea conditions are caused by a bacterial imbalance in your intestines. This can be easily treated by simply adding probiotics to your diet. Good bacteria will keep your get healthy and smoothly running. Moreover, as strange as it sounds, your stool will have better looks.

yellow smiley figure on stool

Why color matters?

The color of your poop can vary depending on what you eat though normal poops are generally medium to dark-brown. Every other color indicates that something wrong is going inside your digestive system.


White poops don't emerge just like that. In most cases, medicines such as Kaopectate make stools pale and even white. However, if you have not taken medicines recently, white poop might be a signal that the liver does not produce enough bile. In conditions like hepatitis and cirrhosis, stones and tumors often block the bile duct and as a result, your stool gets white.


Black-colored poop is almost always a sign that there is an internal bleeding in your GI tract. Practically, if you didn't take Pepto Bismol (Bismuth) recently, it is the bleeding that causes your poop to turn black. You should always meet your doctor, as this might be a sign of a serious medical condition.


Yellow poops usually float and this is a sign that your body has a hard time digesting fat. The causes may include different surgeries like gallbladder removal. Some weight-loss prescriptions might also change your stool color. However, if you often observe yellow and greasy stools floating in the toilet this might be a symptom of a celiac disease or chronic pancreatitis. Consulting a physician is advisable.


Your poop might become red due to red fruits. Red fruits often contain a compound known as betacyanin. Betacyanin can change the color of your stool and urine and in both cases, you don't have to freak out. Other culprits might be tomatoes, cranberries or colored food or beverage. Though, the red color might be caused by internal bleeding as well. If you think this mind be the case, you should better visit a doctor.


Green food can easily be blamed for the majority of green poops out there. If you can't think of anything green you ate or drank in the last 24 hours, you need a physician to check you up.

No matter the shape or color observed, if you can't think of anything that might have caused the change of your stool's normal looks, you had better consult a physician.

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