How to break free from sugar addiction?

How to break free from sugar addiction?

Feeling uncontrollable cravings for sugar?

You sit at your desk and suddenly you start picturing creamy muffins topped with blueberries and rich chocolate cakes; you can almost feel the sweet smell of freshly baked dough, and the warm chocolate slowly melting in your mouth.
If your mouth is watering already, you`re not alone. Sugar addiction is a problem for most of us. But why can`t we break free from devouring tremendous amounts of sugary goods? The answer has to do with psychology, here`s a quick explanation by TedEd:

It seems like the sugary cravings are actually connected to our brains that want to be fed with some kind of a rewarding experience that releases dopamine and gives us a feeling of pleasure and satisfaction.
So, how to cheat our brains and avoid eating sugar?

1. Do something you love doing

girl reading a book in the park

Since sugary cravings are actually symbolizing a craving for pleasant sensations, why not swapping the chocolate bar with another favorite activity?
If you like reading, pick up your favorite book and spend some time reading and chilling on the balcony. Put on your favorite song, dance or take a refreshing walk.
Plus, exercise has been claimed to release endorphins, or “feel good” chemicals in your brain, so make sure you go for that walk even if you prefer sleeping on the sofa.
All of these activities may potentially satisfy your pleasure cravings and help you forget about that chocolate that is impatiently waiting for you on the shelf.

2. Eat enough

casserole dish

If you are starving, it`s much easier to give in to the sugar cravings and eat too much sugary goods. On the other hand, well-balanced meals, including enough fiber, protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats can help you feel full throughout the day.
If you eat enough at lunch and munch on some healthy foods like nuts, yoghurt, avocado and others in the afternoon, you`ll be less likely to buy that irresistible piece of cake you saw in the coffee house while drinking your cappuccino.

3. Keep the junk out of reach

burger junk food

Sounds obvious, but keeping sweets and junk food away from your fridge makes it easier for you to stop eating it.
Sugar is known to cause addictive behavior making you eat more of it. That`s why it`s important to stop buying sugary goods that will lure you into consuming them. Stock on healthy alternatives and avoid passing near your favorite bakery.
Also, some food supplements like Magnesium and Chromium might help you keep your sweet tooth at bay. But remember to make a test of deficiencies and consult with a doctor before taking any of them.
Fighting sugar addiction is hard, but every effort is a step towards a healthier you that is not chained to a piece of cake. When you don`t eat it every day, you`ll appreciate it much more on your special occasions.

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