Healthy digestion on a vacation? Here`s how.

Healthy digestion on a vacation? Here`s how.

It`s finally summer. If you`re eagerly waiting for your well-deserved summer break with all the relax time, beach cocktails and good food, it may be worth thinking of your digestion in advance.

Healthy digestion will allow you to consume all of these delicious treats while enjoying your vacation. On the contrary, if your stomach is feeling unwell due to traveling and all the changes, it may ruin your summer break.

So, how to avoid that? Here`re 3 tips to keep your digestion healthy.

1. Stay hydrated

glass of water

We've already explained why drinking enough water is essential for your overall well-being. But staying hydrated while on a holiday may be a daunting task. And dehydration could lead to poor digestion and constipation. If you agree that this can be pretty nasty, better try to follow these tips:

Make sure you have a bottle of water everywhere with you. On planes, this may be difficult, but you could take an empty one and fill it in the toilet on the airport (only if the water is drinkable).
Try to drink a glass of water when consuming alcoholic or caffeinated beverages.
Beware of tap water as it's not always drinkable.

2. Exercise whenever possible

a man doing exercises

You may say that holidays are for lying on the beach and not for doing sports. And you may be right. But you can still be active while on vacation to avoid digestion problems. Here`re a few tips to help you keep moving:

- Take walks if possible.
- Take the stairs.
- Make small movements with your hands and feet if you are exposed to prolonged sitting.

3. Keep your gut happy

healthy food

The gem balance in your gut can be maintained by adding sour foods to your diet. These foods may be apple cider vinegar, fermented vegetables, yogurt, kefir or other foods that are rich in probiotics.

As it may be difficult to access and consume these foods while traveling, make sure you eat enough of them a week or two before your vacation. Alternatively, take supplements that contain millions of friendly bacteria that can improve your intestinal flora.

Hope this helps you keep a healthy digestion on your vacation. That way you can enjoy your relax time to the fullest!

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