Fatty Acid Complex

People have always actively sought out way to improve their health. This existing search continues to nourish growing interest towards bettering health through the consumption of essential fatty acids. Their positive effect still continues to draw attention. In the mean time people being actively looking for foods and supplements in order to protect or even enhance their health conditions. They very well know that fatty acids are ‘vitalizing foods’.

For the normal functioning of the human body, because fatty acids bind with human cell membranes, the regular addition of fatty acids through healthy and balanced eating is necessary. When combined with low-fat foods and foods with rich vitamin content, essential fatty acids can safely decrease triglyceride content in the body without raising cholesterol. Relatively small amounts of essential fatty acids can also significantly decrease plasma triglycerides which represent a risk factor for heart disease.

It is well known, that fatty acids contained in the mother’s milk play out an important role in the development of the human brain and retina. The low values of essential fatty acid content are related to a series of neurological problems among both children and adults including behavioral problems among children and depression among adults.

AquaSource’s Fatty Acid Complex is a cold extract from apricot and hazelnut nuts, sesame and sunflower seeds, as well as other natural products and contains 88 fatty acids, including all the essential ones for human cells.

The essential fatty acids cannot be produced in the human organism which is why they have to be ingested through food. With age, however, the organism’s ability to absorb unsaturated fats decreases, increasing the necessity of adding them to our diet.

In a daily dose of 10-30 drops, independently or in combination with other products, essential fatty acids are recommended as an effective prophylactic means. Their usage is especially mandatory for kids who get sick often, adolescents during puberty, children and adults who are either under or over-weight, for improving growth, and improving the functioning of the immune system.

Use food supplements from an early age so you can always enjoy good health!

How to use:

Take 1/3 of a 3ml teaspoon twice a day or spread on salad.

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