Fats That Heal

EFA are vitally necessary ingredients which are not produced within our organism and must be ingested externally. According to the World Health Organization at least 3% of a person’s calories should come from EFA (twice as much for growing children and pregnant women).

EFA are included within the group of lipids, which are essential for the build-up of all our living cells’ membranes. They regulate the in and out passage of different substances within the cell and protect it from toxins, bacteria, viruses and allergens. They participate in the synthesis of prostaglandin (hormone-like substances which regulate tissue metabolism) and the sustaining of body temperature.

EFA are necessary for the immune system and all endocrine glands such as the thyroid, adrenal and genital, etc. They regulate blood pressure, decrease cholesterol precipitation within the blood vessels and slow down its formation process. Pain and weakness in joints decreases and they help normalize weight through the burning of harmful fats.

With age, the organism’s ability to properly use EFA decreases and their necessity increases. Their deficiency in diet leads to atherosclerosis and their systematic intake can reverse the process. EFA melt down atherosclerotic plaque and decrease cholesterol precipitation within our blood vessels if we provide regular intake.

For a while now, the World Health Organization points out to governments that humanity is endangered by EFA deficiency due to mass thermal processing of food and the refining of vegetable fats. Regardless, few are those that are informed of this which is why this deficiency is now fact. To it are owed all kinds of different symptoms which are now found pretty much everywhere.

When there is EFA deficiency symptoms occurring include hair loss, skin peeling and skin infections, sensitivity to cold, vessel damage, early aging, worsening of mental functions, symptoms related to disruption of isolation of nerve fibres, irritability, premenstrual tension, decrease of fertility within women and inseminating capabilities within men, etc.

In higher doses EFA are a natural antiaggregants (do not allow erythrocyte aggregation). They guard against cardio-vascular diseases such as strokes, infarctions, pulmonary embolism, alterations in peripheral irrigation (in the so-called gangrene). Their regular intake decreases the danger of incidents among people with already developed cardio-vascular diseases.

Their anti-cancerogenic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-allergic effect has also been proven which is important for the prophylactics and treatment of arthritis, asthma, hay-fever, eczema, psoriasis and other allergic, autoimmune and degenerative diseases.

EFA participate in the production of hemoglobin, shorten regeneration period after fatigue and decrease the harm done by the hard fats since they interfere with their aggregation and disperse them.

Human metabolism is such that the lack of a single necessary ingredient is reflected negatively or even fatally on health. The adding of vitamins, for example, cannot replace the lack of minerals. When we know all of this we can consciously take account for what we are depriving our organism of by not taking EFA. And perhaps the scariest thing is that most people never even think about it even though their life literally depends on it!

Peter Naydenov

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