EFA and Diabetes and Other Ailments

EFA and Diabetes

Insulin, glucagon and many other hormones, control tissue metabolism by stimulating production of tissue regulators called prostaglandins. It is the prostaglandins that ‘pass on’ the commands given by the hormones of the various cells. Prostaglandins are made up of EFA and their effectiveness depends on certain vitamins and minerals. This is why EFA and vitamin/mineral deficiency interferes in the normal production and activity of the prostaglandins and raises the danger of type 2 diabetes as well as worsening it.

EFA is also related to the cell’s ability to react to insulin. Insulin resistance  depends on which EFA are used for the build-up of the cells’ membranes. The more Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids there are in the cells of type 2 diabetics the better they react to insulin.

There is blockage within some people which does not allow the short-chained Omega-6 linolenic acid to convert into long-chained forms necessary for the build-up of cellular walls and prostaglandins. In these cases, adding gamma-linolenic acid (found in spirulina) to the food/diet is especially beneficial in order to overcome this block. It can avert nerve damage within diabetics and even restore them.

Retina degeneration is a frequent problem with diabetes, which, in more severe cases leads to blindness. Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid DHA is very important for the health of the retina. Normally it is produced within our bodies from another Omega-3 – ALA. With diabetes however this cannot happen which is why it is important for diabetics to eat foods rich in DHA (like fish oil).

EFA and Treatment of Other Ailments

There are tens of thousands of published research papers on this issue which confirmthe healing effects of EFA. And whilst in the beginning it was considered that they are beneficial mainly for the cardio-vascular system, lately more and more attention is paid to the benefits of EFA with cancer, arthritis, auto-immune diseases, psoriasis, infertility, chronic kidney disease, liver problems, etc.

Even though EFA continue to be recommended mainly as effective means against infarctions and insults (which are the largest killers in modern day civilized world), the frequent intake of EFA can turn out to be the key toward dealing with a hundred other health problems, especially during the latter half of life.

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