A Programme For Healthy Weight Loss

One of the reasons for overeating is that the normalization of blood sugar levels happens about 20 minutes after we’ve had our first bite. This is why it is so important to eat slowly and chew sufficiently. There are other reasons for overeating as well. During each meal our body has to intake a specific quantity of food nutrients. The food we consume today, however, undergoes way too much processing which is why it is poor on those vital nutrients such as unsaturated fatty acids and amino acids, enzymes, vitamins and minerals. For us to provide the necessary amount of these nutrients from such food we would have to eat large quantities during each meal thus ingesting way too many calories. This creates additional problems and overburdens our organs.

Appetite can be easily regulated and controlled if we additionally provide the necessary vitamins, minerals and fatty acids in sufficient quantities with the help of algae; we will then not be so hungry and will satisfy ourselves with smaller meals. One of the key things about weight loss is to listen to our bodies but do it intelligently and do what it tells us.

Maintaining diets for the purpose of losing weight has a few negative consequences. Firstly, our metabolism slows down, the organism shuts off all potential energy consumption processes and at the end begins to satisfy itself with only a part of the calories which it used before the diet began. Secondly, the energy reserves in the body are two types: fats and muscles. Since it doesn’t know what to expect, the body starts to first burn off the muscles. We truly do lose weight but at least in the beginning it is not due to losing fat but muscle mass. And thirdly, nobody could resist their own body for too long. Sooner or later it counterattacks and makes us start eating even more insatiably than before. Most people end up regaining their initial weight soon after the diet is over, however, not in the form of muscles but in the form of new fat. Consequently, each consecutive diet usually leads to further loss of muscle mass and increase of fat. Therefore, instead of looking towards our body as the enemy, it is better to make peace with it.

The burning of fat requires energy. This means eating sufficiently. When it comes to decreasing weight, we should not allow our body to slow down its functions. When we accelerate the metabolism fats begin to burn faster. Here are some tricks which could help us achieve this:

Fats can accelerate or slow down our metabolism. The hard, saturated fats (for example in meat and fried foods) slow it down. The less saturated and the more unsaturated fats we consume, the more we accelerate it. Some authorities assert that unsaturated fatty acids must constitute 12-15% of the calories we ingest which is about 2-3 table spoons daily (it would be good to also intake 30 IU of Vitamin E). If we are talking about alpha-Linolenic acid which is more unsaturated than linolenic acid, your metabolism will accelerate even more and it is likely that you will begin waking up in the morning quite hungry. Don’t worry – your body is simply operating at higher gear.

When we eat properly and provide the necessary food nutrients exercising will seem easier and more pleasant. In this way we will tone-up our muscles and look and feel great. And here are some of the wonderful things that happen with us when we make aerobic exercises:

At an aerobic level of exercise our digestive system shuts off. Muscles are supplied with energy from fats and sugars which are now in the blood. But after some time, our body resorts to its most significant energetic reserves – the stored body fats. And not only this, but the positive effect continues even after we have stopped exercising.

During exercise the rate of our metabolism increases and after we have exercised for an hour it remains 2-3 times higher for the rest of the day. After that it begins to gradually decrease but it remains high for up to 48 hours. The person undertaking a diet gains weight 20 times faster than a person conducting proper aerobic exercise without being on a diet.

Many of our bodily systems need aerobic exercise in order to function properly and longer. Aerobic exercises are those which stimulate the cardiovascular system and oxygen inhalation. It is however possible for us to start exercising so zealously that our body stops using its stored fat. When this happens, we pass from an aerobic to an anaerobic way of being physically active. Oxygen is required for the burning of fat.

Consequently, aerobic exercises will have optimal effect when they are done within certain limits. But how do we determine this for ourselves? One of the ways to determine whether we are conducting an aerobic exercise is to pay attention to breathing. It needs to be frequent but not painful or feeling a sense of suffocation. We could orient ourselves even better by tracking our pulse. Here is a table of where your pulse for a minute should be when conducting aerobic exercises:

AGE            PULSE

30-40         120-160

40-50         120-150

50-60         110-140

Consult a doctor before choosing your programme. If the exercise is not dynamic enough we will never burn the fat. If it is too dynamic, however, we will pass to a state of anaerobic exercising which could even be harmful.

There exist many aerobic sports. Here is a small list of them: running, aerobics, swimming, biking, and any physical activity requiring a constant repetition of similar physical movements. Whatever the choice, we have to maintain our pulse at the indicated frequency for at least 30 minutes every day or at least every other day in order to achieve the desired result – weight loss, better physical shape, etc.

We realize that this does not consummate the topic but it is a step forward towards becoming more literate on the subject of good health and fitness. Besides all else, in order for us to look and feel good we need a little more knowledge and understanding as well as will. Each thing has its inherent intricacies and if one is more enlightened his or her life becomes easier.

And so, if you have truly made a decision to lose weight and become more fit, this cannot happen without any physical exercise. If you have serious reasons to be unable to do such conduct regular massages and passive exercises under the guidance of a rehabilitator. At the same time regulate eating, especially during the times you are not exercising. From the products we’ve look at in these articles we recommend the following:

1. Start Easy Programme together with Colostrum and Essential Fatty Acids for cleaning out the toxins, cell regeneration, overcoming cellular hunger and normalizing appetite.

2. CoEnzyme Q10 with Chromium and Algae for the purpose of bettering the condition of the cardiovascular system, increasing the metabolic rate, better functioning of insulin and strengthening the muscles.

3. Lighten-Up!EFA, and Colostrum daily for at least 1-2 months for the purpose of even better cellular nourishment and cleaning out excess fat.

4. Before training/exercise: Antioxidant for the purpose of protecting cells from damage and CoQ10.

For the maintenance of the results achieved it is important to intake AFA Algae or Green Energy at least once a day, as well as Colostrum and EFA. In this way we can count on each one of our cells!

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