30 Questions and Answers On Using Himalayan Salt

1.       Is it beneficial to bathe babies in 1% solution? – Yes, in the womb they were in 1% solution.

2.       Is it necessary to use a make a new solution every time for eye washing? – The older one can be used.

3.       Can you wash the face and neck? – Yes, in the morning and at night, even if we don’t live in an overly-polluted city.

4.       And during excessive sweating? – It’s rubbed into the sweating area and the smell disappears or decreases significantly

5.       Since ‘sole’ is only made in a glass container, does it matter what the tub or basin for the salt baths is? – No.

6.       What % solution for vaginal washing? – 1-2%.

7.       Should washing be done if there are vaginal sores? – No.

8.       And with skin sores? If they are deeper – around them, if mild – on them.

9.       Does the salt have antibacterial effects? – Yes.

10.   With psoriasis with sores, are baths recommended? – Yes, around the sores, but salts have to also be ingested internally.

11.   During menopause, does it help for the balance in the organism? – Yes, because calcium and magnesium is limited and it helps restore electrolyte balance.

12.   Does it help the intestines? – Yes, because it rids some of the clogs, slag stuck to the large intestinal walls and enhances circulation.

13.   Why is the consumption of table salt unfavorable? – Because of the processing with anti-conglutinate substances  and pollutants. Cooking salt does not have that crystal structure. In the Himalayan crystal salt the crystal radiates 84 frequencies of different energies necessary for the organism.

14.   After the morning cup of ‘sole’, drank with mineral or filtered water, can we drink mineral water during the day? – Yes.

15.   Does Himalayan salt make the cell more plastic? – Yes, it stimulates it – the lymphs become more flexible.

16.   How are ‘salt socks’ made and used? – In 3-5% solution with temperature of 37°C, soak the socks, squeeze them out and put them on for 60 minutes – you can sleep with them. They are used to help heal gout, chronic cold feet, fungi.

17.   How is ‘salt blouse’ used? – In 3% solution, like the socks. It is worn for 60-90 minutes and one is to lay covered in bed. It is done for detoxication and strengthening the bronchi.

18.   How should people with sports injuries use Himalayan salt? – The tub and compressions help blood flow, relieve and decrease pain.

19.   How long should the feet remain in salt solution? – 20-30 minutes.

20.   Can the salt glove/bag, used for laying on body pains, be heated in the microwave oven? – No, it has to be heated in a regular one.

21.   Can you use the salt when having high cholesterol levels? – Yes, it is possible for it to get better as a result.

22.   Does taking ‘sole’ improve food absorption and supplement absorption? – Yes. It improves the electrolyte balance in the organism.

23.   Can children drink ‘sole’? – Yes but only ¼ of the cup (50ml). They can use Himalayan salt instead of table salt.

24.   Can salt solution be used to brushing teeth? – Yes, it is even recommended to use as mouth water and the brush at the end is washed in 1-2% solution.

25.   Can you rub salt solution on your legs after waxing? – Yes, with 1% solution.

26.   How often can you drink a cup of ‘sole’ in the morning? – Frequently.

27.   Can ‘sole’ improve blood circulation? – Yes, together with drinking 2 liters of water daily – blood corpuscles become more flexible and pass through the tightest capillaries.

28.   How many cups of ‘sole’ can one drink daily? – 1 to 3 during detoxication.

29.   Can the salt be used during inflammatory processes? – Yes, but cold.

30.   Can you cook with this salt? – Yes. Best forget regular salt and change it with the delicious and healthy Himalayan salt.

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