3 reasons why berries are good for you

3 reasons why berries are good for you

Spring is a great season for fruit lovers. Green threes and bushes, blossoming flowers and fruits spring up to delight all of our senses. And can you think of a tastier breakfast than a chocolate pancake topped with a handful of freshly picked sweet strawberries?
But setting pleasure aside, it is worth mentioning that strawberries and the other berry varieties can be a very healthy snack. Here are our top 3 reasons why you need to eat more berries:

1. High in antioxidants

polluted air over the cityAs you may already know, antioxidants are important for  maintaining a good health since they help us fight free radicals that can be found in food, air, water and etc.
So, adding just a few blueberries to your yogurt or eating a few strawberries after lunch can boost your immune system and help you fight the negative effects of processed food, high alcohol consumption, smoking, polluted air and others.


2. Berries Can Protect Your Heart

heartsDid you know that people who have a genetic predisposition to suffering from heart disease can avoid the inherited risks by eating  a prudent diet that is high in raw vegetables and fruits?. The research funded by the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario  states:
“These findings suggest that the risk of CVD conferred by chromosome 9p21 SNPs may be influenced by diet in multiple ethnic groups. Importantly, they suggest that the deleterious effect of 9p21 SNPs on CVD might be mitigated by consuming a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables.”
While the emphasis falls on raw vegetables, berries are also part of a every healthy diet. So, the “five a day” rule seems to be very valid. So, start crunching on your fruits and veggies.


3. Berries can help you stay fit

training woman during sunsetBerries are rich in fiber and liquid content that leads to a sense of fullness after consumption. Try eating them alone or paired with nuts and keep your hunger at bay. Thus, you may even skip the dessert. The health benefits are still present if your dose of berries is put in the chocolate cake you love. But a prudent diet as defined by medical experts focuses only on the berries and not the cake. Keep that in mind! 🙂



What is the bottom line? Forest fruits are tasty and can have various benefits for your health. But sometimes it is hard to find them out of season. If you need some berry power coming from 15 different small fruits, why don`t you spoil yourself with one  of Aquasource`s most popular products – Berry Power.  Take a capsule and  enjoy the nutritional benefits it has to offer. As simple as that.

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