The Rest of EU Countries

The Rest of EU Countries




You can be a customer and still sign up as a ‘distributor’ but why sign up?

  • By signing up you will be able to purchase all AquaSource products at 30% lower distributor price
  • Have personal access to a distributor who will try to answer all your related questions
  • You can take advantage of the special monthly distributor promotions
  • There are no obligations or requirements whatsoever
  • Receive AquaSource’s monthly newsletter
  • Gain the right to share your experience with the products to others and grow а business if you wanted to


What is the sign-up price?

  • The sign-up cost is €49.50 – evened out with the purchase of 1, 2, or 3 products
  • One-time only fee, no need to renew


Exclusive offer

  • It is recommended that people begin their experience with AquaSource with the product Start Easy Programme. If you sign up now you can purchase the Start Easy Programme with a 42% discount!


Simply follow this link to the online registration and fill out the form within minutes: UK Online Registration.


If you have a question or need further clarification you can always fill out the form below: