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If you are interested in more information with regards to the products do not hesitate to contact me via e-mail shown below or you can simply fill out the form.

My name is Vassil Sotirov and I'm an independent AquaSource distributor. 

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Telephone: 07919077201
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If you are seriously interested in including superfoods into your diet and lifestyle or if you want to concentrate more particularly on certain areas such as detoxification and cleansing, raising up energy levels, weight loss, strenghtening immunity, improving digestion, etc, I offer to create a more personalized programme for you by taking into account your individual situation. This programme will feature different superfood products from the ones offered here in certain combinations that fit best for you. If you are interested contact me via e-mail or phone!


*Sign up now and for the one-time only fee of £33.33 begin purchasing products at 30% lower price, i.e. distributor price. There are no obligations, you can take advantage of different promotions!