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3 reasons you have no energy

3 reasons you have no energy It`s just another day at the office. It`s only 10 o`clock but you`re completely exhausted. After work, it`s getting even worse – you feel sleepy and fatigued and skip the gym class. Again. You`re not alone. A large proportion of adults are showing signs of chronic fatigue, according to…
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Hormones: how do they work?

Hormones: how do they work? Have you ever wondered why we experience puberty and grow up? What allows most of us to have kids? Why some women feel nervous or sad during their menstruation period? These and many other questions may be explained with the way hormones work. Our endocrine system works hard to regulate…
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Why do we sweat?

Why do we sweat? Summer is here. It`s time for cold beers, delicious ice-creams and seaside vacations. But summer in the city is also about long sweaty trips with the public transport. So, what makes us sweat and why? You may be familiar with the main reasons – from cardio intensive exercise to eating spicy…
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