Essential Fatty Acids and Our Health

There has been a lot written, and a lot keeps on being written every day about the fats in the food we consume. Some say ‘take fats’ other say the opposite – it’s all about saturated, unsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. What is the truth? For many years now, the USA has declared ‘war’ against obesity…
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Levels of Health

This material is from Peter Naydenov’s latest book “Health without drugs” According to George Vithoulkas there exist 12 levels of health. People are divided into 4 groups each of which has 3 levels – higher (healthiest), middle and lower (most fragile). He has dedicated a book of 300 pages on this subject! The basic idea…
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Fatty Acid Complex or Liquid Gold?

As some of you may know, AquaSource offers two types of fatty acid products – Fatty Acid Complex and Liquid Gold Complex. So what is the difference? Here’s a short explanation: Women and small children better metabolize fatty acids, of which 15-20% break down to Omega-3 in the organism and in men that number is only 1-5%! Therefore…
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