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What do the rich, middle class, and poor people buy on pay day?



What does it mean to be financially liberated?

We cannot be truly free, unless we have financial freedom. Probably around 90% of people never reach financial independence, let alone financial freedom. Many people work for over 40, 50, even 60 years, and still do not have enough money. Can hired labour secure your financial independence? The answer is usually no. As a rule, the hired worker gains money only as long as he/she goes to work i.e. trading time and skill for money. The question is what would happen if you stopped working? The answer is obvious - you will not receive a salary and therefore income. It is all based on the model you work – you get paid, you don’t work – you don’t get paid.

Here is the most dangerous situation, in which most people have put themselves due to different reasons, most commonly because of financial illiteracy, lack of entrepreneurship, laziness, idealizing one’s profession, amongst other reasons:

the business 1

In this situation your life and the life of your family depends on your job. There is nothing bad about this, as long as you are kept at work. If you don’t mind being dependent on your boss and have him/her determine when you are to wake up and go to sleep, when to eat lunch and how much money you are to receive, pray that you don’t get fired, don’t fall sick or the company closes down…But if a person wants to be financially independent, one has to think and act like such a person. Financially independent people don’t work for money – they build assets, which work for them. This is how their plan looks:

the business 2

Of course, many of these people begin with hired labor, save every penny and turn their money into assets – small in the beginning, and eventually bigger. And usually those, who become rich on their own, not having inherited a fortune, become rich through a business they own. But this is hardly an easy thing – over 95% of all new businesses go bankrupt within the first 2-3 years. Network Marketing is a special type of business which you can begin without any risk or high investment, working at your own convenient time without quitting your everyday job. By building your own business with AquaSource you prove your financial literacy and come closer to your financial freedom. Your business network is an extremely important asset, because every time people buy products you receive a commission which is a pure passive income. What’s better is that every time a member of your network brings another and many more members, you will receive commission for their purchases as well!

What could happen if you develop your own networking business? Even if you stopped working after having built your network, you will continue to receive income from it and have much more free time. And when the income amount from your network goes above your expenses amount you will be financially independent.


A few words that could change your understanding and in turn your life...

According to Robert Kiyosaki, a famous author on financial literacy, there are three types of literacy:

1.       Scholastic

2.       Professional

3.       Financial

Scholastic literacy is the most basic literacy which people have and it is what is learned in elementary school. Those are the abilities to read, write, calculate, etc.

Professional literacy is defined as a person’s specialization in a certain profession, in which one attains qualities and skills in a certain area or field, which give him/her value on the market.

Financial literacy is what gives you the knowledge to work with your money in the most effective way.

Most poor people have scholastic literacy only.

People from the middle class generally have both scholastic and professional literacy, and rich people have financial literacy along with the scholastic and professional (some of them don’t even have professional literacy).

Most of the people today are in the rat race of going to work, earning money and paying bills, and it looks something like this:

People: 90% - work – income – expenses

In other words the income of these people is dependent on the time and labour, which they will put, for which they will be financially rewarded. A problem arises, when for one reason or another, the job for that person ceases. He/she gets fired, becomes sick, etc. Looks like this:

People: 90% - work – income – expenses - ?

The obvious thing is that work and income can cease, but expenses naturally will not.

Another major problem with the people lacking financial literacy, is that they buy liabilities (something that costs you money on a regular (often monthly) basis), sometimes without even realizing it, which often results in credit loans, for which they need even more money, to pay off.

The difference with the other 10%, the people with financial literacy, is the following:

10% - work – income – assets – income - expenses

The most basic difference is rooted in this. Financially literate people do not buy liabilities, they buy assets – something which gives them an active residual income, i.e. money works for them.

The ways to earn passive income through assets are many. One of these easy and un-risky ways is through Network Marketing or MLM (Multi-Level Marketing).

Network Marketing is something that we actually do every day. And that is, recommending, or advertising by word of mouth. Every film that we recommend, book or restaurant, whatever it is, we are making an advertisement, with the difference, that neither the producer of the film, nor the publisher of the book, nor the owner of the restaurant will pay  a penny to us for helping them grow their business.

How do you earn?

By using, and being satisfied with the products, we begin recommending them to our family, friends and relatives and this way create a network of satisfied customers and clients. The system recognizes the person who recommended the products and pays a commission for the advertising made.

How much do you earn?

If you create a network of 5 satisfied customers with our help, and together we help them invite 5 people each, this makes a network of 25-30 people. On average, this makes about 200-300 pounds a month passive, residual income. Indeed, this network of yours is what is called an asset. If, for example, three of these 25-30 people decide to create a similar network of 25-30 people, something, which is very likely to happen, then your passive income could grow to over 1000 + pounds. There is no limit as to how much you can earn, it is all relative depending on how much you work to grow your network and organization. You are your own boss, you choose who to work with, when you want to work, and how much time you put in. To set up such a network, between 7-10 hours a week of your attention are necessary and a £33.33 one-time only fee to have the legal right to do so.

To summarize what has been said so far, what is necessary to be done, in order to achieve this?

1.      We use the products

2.      We recommend them

3.      We educate ourselves on how to educate others

Well, what do you think?



Interested in how the AquaSource business works? Watch this video.