Offer of Collaboration

Dear colleague,

I have the pleasure of introducing a collaboration that can benefit both your patients as well as yourself. By recommending natural superfoods, supplements and other products by AquaSource you not only help your patients get better but you can also earn additional income. This activity is very interesting and will enrich your knowledge on topics of cellular nutrition, detoxification, supplementation and other holistic methods of improving health.

“Aqua Source Algae Group plc” was created in 1994 by the homeopaths David Howell and Robert Davidson and includes thousands of distributors and customers all across Europe from the UK to Russia, Finland, Croatia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Slovenia and others. Doctors, homeopaths, naturopaths, and basically anyone involved in both the traditional and alternative medicine sectors are more than satisfied with the results they see in their patients as well as the tremendous financial benefits which it brings them. We, of course, provide free help and training by competent and experienced specialists in order to maximize the attainment of your goals and ensure your success in this endeavor.

Perhaps you’ve already heard positive feedback regarding the products from your patients. As specialists, we are the people who ought to inform the wider public of these products and not hear about them last. With or without us, many people already use such products. There’s no point in standing aside of the ever growing natural health industry since we can contribute and earn from it.

The purpose of AquaSource is rooted in helping more and more people be healthy, live better and enjoy a life of abundance and freedome. The fact that it has been 20 years since we’ve been around comes to prove that our products have earned their place on the market and are received very well by consumers. Each year, specialists in our team introduce newer and more beneficial and interesting products which eases our job, expands possibilities of us being more helpful and increases our chances of earning better. This is why we invite you to join us – you can only win!

In order for you to join us in our cause you have to fill out the distributor agreement form attached to this e-mail along with the one-time payment fee of £ 45.00. In return, you receive the right to purchase products at a 30% lower price, to earn a commission by recommending the products and create your own network of satisfied consumers and business partners as well as all the help and training you may need to be successful.

I bring to your attention about 30 products which would be appropriate to most of your patients. Each product per average brings you £7-8 in retail discount and 15-20 commission points on top of which you receive a commission. You decide which products will benefit which patients and redirect them to the AquaSource office. Products could be ordered through the office by phone or e-mail and brought to an address usually within a day.

Each day, you prescribe remedies anyway and direct your patients toward pharmacies where they purchase them – except you don’t get paid for it.Working with AquaSource you will receive a retail discount for each purchased product following your recommendation, as well as percentage of commission on the volume made.

Your earnings depend upon the number of products purchased by the clients you directed toward AquaSource as well as the commission you receive on the volume (15-30%) as indicated in the table below (retail discount + commission = total earnings):


Table collaboration


You will also receive the right to build your own network of colleagues, friends and relatives by including them in AquaSource. The benefit for them will be the ability to purchase products at a distributor price (30% lower than retail) as well as earn through recommending them to their own associates. You will get commission on all their personal volume but also the volume from their whole network as well!

There is no ceiling as to how much you can earn because commissions are formed not only on your personal volume but the volume of all the members of your network as well as the volume of all their networks as well, which could include thousands of people all across Europe and the world! This all depends on your desire, dedication and persistence.

AquaSource does not obligate its associates to purchase, sell or include people into their networks. Only you, voluntarily decide when and how much to work and how much to earn. Some of us earn £5,000, £10,000, or £15,000 a month, whereas others are simply loyal customers buying at distributor prices and enjoying the wonderful products.

Please take a closer look and get acquainted with the materials related to our products, describing their benefits – this could change your fate for the better from now on, the way it happened to hundreds and thousands of people who jointed our company.



Ready to join our team and incorporate AquaSource products with your practice?



As of now you can become an independent distributor for the small fee of £45.00.



Here is what you get by signing up:

  • The legal right to develop and grow your own personal business with AquaSource
  • A personal sponsor who will answer all of your questions, help and teach you every step of the way how to become successful using AquaSource - for FREE
  • Access to free training information from e-books and pdf's to videos and trainings designed to answer all of your questions
  • The right to purchase all AquaSource products at 30% lower, distributor price as well as take advantage of all AquaSource distributor promotions
  • Become part of a team of like-minded people

*The sign-up fee is one-time only and represents a lifetime membership. There are absolutely no obligations and nothing you have to do once you sign up. This is ideal for people who are looking to experiment and see if this is for them!


Sigining up is now easier then ever with our new and quick online registration. Simply follow the link and fill out the form: 

AquaSource Online Registration


Once you're signed up you will receive your starter packet within 1-2 business days. You will also be sent a welcoming e-mail soon after registration.

Looking forward to meeting you!


*This offer is valid for anyone from EU


If you have any unanswered questions you can always write at: [email protected]

or call 07919077201

Alternatively, you can simply fill out the form with your question below and send it!