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In this site you will discover information about the completely natural superfood products offered by AquaSource, a lot of which contain the blue-green AFA algae. You will see how man has managed to discover the plants and ingredients in nature, called superfoods, which nourish our bodies at a cellular level, thus helping avoid a large number of ailments, trips to the doctor, and eventually paying sizable sums of money for pharmaceuticals and synthetically manufactured drugs.


Delving into the world of superfoods through this website, you will be able to find practical solutions and advice, using the AquaSource superfood products, on:

  • how and what to use in order for you and your children to stop or at least drastically decrease catching colds and flu viruses;
  • how to gain sufficient and quality sleep, and to feel fresh and energized every day;
  • how to enhance the liveliness and work capacity of your brain;
  • how to deal with unnecessary weight without stressing the body with cellular hunger;
  • how to strengthen your immunity;
  • how to feel younger and slow down the aging process;
  • how to take care of your skin with natural cosmetics, and many others;


Check out the products page to discover more about the richness and benefits of the blue-green AFA algae, colostrum, CoQ10, and many other of the superfoods gifted to us by our beautiful and special planet Earth.


The Superfoods

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Natural elements for a healthy Lifestyle

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Almost every ancient and modern culture recognizes the power and influence of these natural elements.

Hippocrates described the human body by an association of yellow bile (fire), black bile (earth), blood (air) and phlegm (water). The classical elements are also part of Hinduism, Taoism, Astrology, Native American culture, and most other philosophies and sciences.

The modern Periodic Table of elements used in science and physics can be thought of as a detailed refinement of the basic element concept. The classic natural elements of earth, air, fire and water also relate directly to the natural elements of good health. There is not a single element to health, but rather, several elements are required to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Nutritional supplements are a popular addition to the diet of many who strive to maintain a healthy lifestyle. They can help to ensure quality nutrition and safeguard levels of important nutrients. AquaSource is dedicated to providing you with quality superfood products using ingredients from natural sources that are designed to help:

  • maintain wellness
  • increase energy
  • achieve fitness
  • manage weight
  • promote beauty

“At AquaSource we are committed to quality. We are also committed to helping you achieve your goals.”  

Make AquaSource products part of the natural elements of your healthy lifestyle!



About AquaSource

AquaSource was formed in 1994 by David Howell and Robert Davidson, two of the UK's leading homeopaths. Both had experienced challenges in finding new ways to aid their patients. Mr. Howell recalls:

"Because we are increasingly exposed to unnecessary food additives, commercial processing that deteriorates nutritional value, pollution and other environmental issues, our bodies are constantly challenged. We discovered that blue-green algae benefited many patients. Since then we have done exhaustive research and consulted with hundreds of experts, committed to a better understanding of the science of blue-green algae as well as methods of making available in a practical and economical way to everyone."

Click here to continue reading about the blue-green afa algae product and its benefits.

AquaSource is committed to promoting health using natural source ingredients, called superfoods, and making a variety of high-quality nutritional products available to everyone. 

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